Monitoring the HANA System

System Monitor in HANA Studio provides an overview of all your HANA system at a glance. From System Monitor, you can drill down into the details of an individual system in the Administration Editor. It tells about Data disk, Log disk, Trace disk, Alerts on resource usage with priority.

The following information is available in the System Monitor −


SAP HANA alert monitoring is used to monitor the status of system resources and services that are running in the HANA system. Alert monitoring is used to handle critical alerts like CPU usage, disk full, FS reaching threshold, etc. The monitoring component of HANA system continuously collects information about health, usage, and performance of all the components of HANA database. It raises an alert when any of the component breaches the set threshold value.

The priority of alert raised in HANA system tells the criticality of the problem and it depends on the check that is performed on the component. Example: If CPU usage is 80%, a low priority alert will be raised; however, if it reaches 96%, the system will raise a high priority alert.

The System Monitor is the most common way to monitor HANA system and to verify the availability of all your SAP HANA system components. The System monitor is used to check all key components and services of a HANA system.

System Monitor

You can also drill down the details of an individual system in Administration Editor. It tells about Data disk, Log disk, Trace disk, alerts on resource usage with priority.

Administration Editor

Alert tab in Administrator editor is used to check the current and all other alerts in HANA system.

Alert Tab

It also shows the time when an alert is raised, the description of the alert, the priority of the alert, etc.

SAP HANA monitoring dashboard shows the key aspects of system health and configuration.

Open Dashboard

You can also use SAP HANA Cockpit for system monitoring and alerts. SAP HANA Cockpit can be opened directly from HANA Studio or you can also open it via web browser. You should have sap.hana.admin.roles::Monitoring or sap.hana.admin.roles::Administrator role assigned to access SAP HANA Database Administrator catalog access.

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