SAP HANA Admin - Integration with Hadoop

In SAP HANA system, you can also integrate SAP HANA computing power with Hadoop to process huge amount of data at faster speed. Hadoop system is used for storing huge amount of unstructured data and HANA provides high speed data analysis.

Following scenarios can be used to connect SAP HANA system to Hadoop −

  • Hive ODBC Driver
  • Smart Data Integration
  • HANA Spark Controller

To use Smart Data Access to connect to Hadoop system in HANA Studio, select Adapter Name: Hadoop

In Connection Properties, enter the URL and Credentials.

Connection Properties

You can also use the following SQL statement to create a remote connection to connect to Hadoop system. We have selected Authentication type as Password here −

ADAPTER "hadoop" 
CONFIGURATION 'webhdfs_url = http:// 
50070;webhcat_url = http:// 
USING 'user = username;password = pwd'; 

Enter the above SQL statement in HANA Studio SQL editor and click the Execute button.

SQL Editor

This way you can integrate your SAP HANA system with Hadoop using Smart data integration in HANA Studio.

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