SAP HANA Admin - Starting a HANA System

In a distributed environment, it is required to perform the start of HANA systems. It could be after a maintenance task, backup, and recovery, or some other reason. A start of single system or multiple systems can be performed using SAP HANA cockpit Offline Administration or using SAP HANA Studio.

Start a System Using HANA Cockpit

Navigate to SAP HANA Database Administration → SAP HANA Cockpit for Offline Administration.


Navigate to Open the System Operations app by clicking the Start, Stop, Restart tile on the homepage of the SAP HANA cockpit for offline administration.

Open System Operation

At the bottom, you have an option to Start the System. When you click on Start System, database services start one by one. In case your environment contains multitenant database containers, it starts the services of all tenant databases.

The status of the system shows “Running” when all the services are successfully started.