SAP EWM - Warehouse Process Types

A Warehouse process type is used to define the activity or movement of each process in a warehouse. It deals with each warehouse process like packing, good receipt, good issue and is assigned to each warehouse task document.


For simple movements, warehouse process type defines the storage type and bin for the movement of goods. Warehouse process type is defined at the point of creation of the warehouse document or in separate step.

All warehouse process types are further grouped into warehouse process categories. Warehouse process categories are used to define the goods movement in a warehouse.

Warehouse Process Types

There are different warehouse process categories that are predefined in the EWM system −

  • Stock Removal
  • Putaway
  • Internal Movement
  • Goods receipt posting
  • Goods issue posting
  • Physical inventory
  • Cross Line putaway

How to Create a Warehouse Process Type for Picking?

To create a Warehouse Process Type for Picking, navigate to EWM → Cross Process Settings → Warehouse task → Define warehouse process type.

You can then select warehouse process type to copy. Click on Copy button at the top.

In stock/putaway removal section enter the storage bin and type and click Enter.

To save the warehouse process type, click on the save icon.