SAP EWM - Storage Control

Storage Control is used to determine product movements in a warehouse. It is used to execute put away or stock removal process in the warehouse.

Types of Storage Control

These activities are performed as per the physical structure of the warehouse. There are two types of storage control −

  • Layout Oriented
  • Process Oriented

In SAP Extended Warehouse Management, process oriented storage control is executed first and layout storage control is executed to check if the put away step is possible in the warehouse layout view and also adjust the put away or stock removal as per the layout view.

How to Setup Process Oriented Storage control?

Navigate to Extended Warehouse Management → Cross Process Settings → Warehouse task → Define Process oriented storage control.

Process Oriented Storage control

On the left side, select the external storage process step.

External Storage Process

Click on the New Entry and enter new external process steps.

Click on the save button at the top.

Once this is created, you need to assign the external process step to storage process and warehouse #. To do this, go to Storage process definition dialog box and click on New entries at the top.

New Entries

In the next window, enter warehouse #, storage process and other details and press ENTER.

Click on Assign Storage Process Step → New Entries.

Assign Storage Process Step

Enter the new external process steps and click on save button.