SAP EWM - Slotting

Slotting is a process in the EWM that helps to define the most suitable putaway parameters such as – storage type, section, etc. Slotting places the goods in a warehouse in the manner that provides the most optimal storage and picking of goods.

Different Parameters of Slotting

There are different parameters that are used in the slotting process −

  • Storage Requirement Data
  • Product Data
  • Packaging Data
  • Demand Forecast

Product related data used for slotting

The following table shows the product related data for slotting −

1 Storage Condition 3(not outside)
2 Rotate Indicator T
3 Theft-prone N
4 Handling code 200(metal)
5 Demand quality 700(per month)
6 Number of order lines 50
7 Recommended storage quality 2100
8 Storage class 13(Non-flammable solids)
9 Water pollution storage quality 2100
10 Nesting factor(s) 0.5
11 Packing type Default packing material(wooden pallets)
12 Material length 0.05m
13 Material width 0.01m
14 Material height 0.01m
15 Material weight 10g

Optimizing Resources

You can perform various activities in SAP Extended Warehouse Management System for optimizing resources.

Some of the key activities that can be performed are as follows −

  • Wave Management Function
  • Cross docking
  • RF framework
  • Labor Management