SAP EWM - Value Added Services

The Value Added Services define the product processing to be performed in a warehouse and includes activities like packing, labeling, assembling, etc.

To perform interim steps in the goods issue or goods receipt, you can use storage control to perform interim steps.

In the following illustration, you can see the process flow of the Value Added Services in a warehouse function −

Value Added Services

Value Added Services Order

This is used to inform the warehouse employees about the work that they have to do as part of the delivery and packing specifications. A VAS order is an instruction to perform value added service for one or more products and to link delivery items to the packing instructions.

A Value added services order consists of the following components −

  • Order Header
  • VAS activities to be performed
  • Items
  • Auxiliary products (Packing material, labels, oil, etc.)

A VAS order can be printed for employee use to inform what VAS activities has to be performed and on which product.

An auxiliary product posting includes use of other products like packing material, hangers, oil, etc. and quantity of these products used to perform VAS.

How to Manage Packaging Specifications?

Go to SAP Easy access → EWM → Master Data → Packaging Specification → Maintain Packaging specification.

Manage Packaging Specifications

Enter the packaging specification and perform search.

Search Packaging Specifications

Select Packaging specification and click on Copy As.

Enter the product and click on Continue. Select new Packaging specification → Activate.

How to Confirm a VAS order and Processing of a Handling Unit?

Go to Extended Warehouse Management → Execution → Create confirmation for VAS

Confirm VAS Order

Enter the following details and then click on Execute.

  • Warehouse #
  • Work Center
  • Handling Unit and click on Execute.
Enter Details and Execute

Go to VAS oiling tab → select the End button w/o variances in right frame on VAS Activity and Items tab.

Select Handling unit → Confirm Process step for HU.