SAP EWM - Selling and Receiving Goods

This involves goods shipping and receiving and they are stored in a warehouse. Receiving goods process starts in the ERP system when a purchase requisition is detected and purchase order is created. A purchase order consists of the quantity of material and store and plant location. There are two ways to handle a purchase order request, which are −

  • First is to send the purchase order to supplier for goods delivery and once goods are received, goods receipt is posted.

  • Other way is to receive an announcement from supplier about the goods arrival as per purchase order request.

Purchase Order Request

When a purchase order is created, you can set a CTRL key to enable notification from supplier. When you set the control key, an inbound delivery must be created on the basis of the purchase order. When a control key is set and an inbound delivery is not created, you can put the goods receipt.

An inbound delivery contains the information about the goods arrival, quantity of goods, store and plant location. The system checks the combination of the plant and storage location to check if the warehouse is in the EWM and then the system replicates an inbound delivery notification in the EWM system.

An Inbound Processing includes

  • Good receipt and optimization
  • Transportation unit inspection
  • Quality Inspection
  • Routing of goods in warehouse

Process Flow

Process Flow

Whenever you make any changes in the inbound delivery document, these changes are reverted in the ERP system. The status of the inbound delivery is updated as per goods delivery. If the status of an inbound delivery document is execution completed, it shows proof of delivery in the ERP.