SAP EWM - Production Supply

The production in a warehouse is based on the production order. The production order tells what needs to be produced and quantity and time of production.

When a production order is raised, all the components that are required for production is listed in the bill of material. You need to stage the products for a production order. Production Supply Area (PSA) is an area where products are staged in a warehouse.

There are different staging types that can be used, some of them are −

  • Pick Parts
  • Release Order Parts
  • Crate Parts

Each PSA contains storage bin to stage the products for production order. Each PSA can contain one or multiple storage bins.

How to Setup a Master Data for Production Supply Process?

The first step is to review the bill of material. Then go to SAP ERP system, Easy access Go to Logistics → Production → Master Data → Bills of Material → Bill of Material → Material BOM → Display.

Setup Master Data

Enter the following details −

  • Material
  • Plant and BOM usage
Display Material BOM

You can select each material and choose Item for the details. The Prod.stor.location and the Supply Area can be found on the tab Status/Lng text.

The next step is to create a control cycle production supply. Go to Logistics → Logistics Execution → Master Data → Warehouse → Production Supply → Control cycle production supply → Create.


Enter the following details −

  • Plant
  • Supply Area and press ENTER
Create Control Cycle

Enter the Staging Indicator and click on save.

Data Screen