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In SAP ERP, a warehouse number is used to represent the physical warehouse where all the material is stored. A Warehouse number is a 3 or 4 character field in Warehouse management or EWM respectively. Warehouse numbers are created in the ERP system and to activate it, you use a combination of plant and storage location assigned to this plant with the respective warehouse number.

Types of Organization Units

There are different organization units in a Warehouse system at different levels −

  • Warehouse Number − Each warehouse consists of a warehouse number which is at the highest level in a warehouse management system. Each warehouse number consists of a sub structure that maps the warehouse relationship.

  • Storage Type − There are different types of storage where products are physically stored in a warehouse such as open storage, goods issue and goods receipt, racks.

  • Storage Section − This is a part of storage type and represents a group of bins with same characteristics. Commonly used storage sections are fast moving or slow moving items, etc.

Organization Units Types
  • Storage Bin − The Storage bins represent the physical location of storage space where the products are stored in Warehouse. They are at the lowest level of the organization structure and when you store an item in a Warehouse you need to mention its exact location.

  • Activity Areas − Storage bins are further categorized in this activity area. It includes activities like picking, put away or a physical inventory. As per the activity, you can assign the same storage bin to multiple activity areas.

  • Quant − The quantity of goods in the storage bin is represented by Quant. The quant is used for managing inventory in storage bin.

Storage Units

How to Create Storage Bins and Block them for Put Away?

To create a Storage bin, you can use T-Code: /SCWM/LS01 or

Navigate to the Extended Warehouse Management → Master data → Storage Bin → Create Storage Bin.

Creating Storage Bin

Enter your Warehouse number and Storage bin as per the requirement → Press Enter as shown in the following screenshot.

Enter Warehouse and Storage Bin

Enter the Storage type and Storage section as per the requirement and then click on the Save icon as shown in the following screenshot.

Enter Storage Type and Storage Section

Storage Bin

How to Change the Storage Bin?

To change the storage bin, click on Storage bin → Change

Change Storage Bin

Now to lock this Storage bin for put away, go to the Status box and select Putaway block at the bottom → Save your entry.

Save Entry

Change Storage

You can also remove the put-away block by going to Warehouse monitor again.

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