SAP EWM - Physical Inventory

To perform financial accounting and tax regulations, you may need to perform accurate inventory to get the value of an inventory in warehouse. Physical inventory process deals with counting physical inventory of a warehouse and to get counting results.

Benefits of Physical Inventory

Physical inventory can be used by the management to count inventory so that the products can be stocked or corrected.

There are two types of physical inventory that can be performed −

  • Storage bin specific
  • Product Specific

You can perform physical inventory in EWM on the following stock types −

  • Unrestricted-use stock in putaway
  • Unrestricted-use stock in the warehouse
  • Blocked stock in putaway
  • Blocked stock in the warehouse
  • Quality inspection stock in putaway
  • Quality inspection stock in the warehouse

Procedures to Perform Physical inventory

SAP EWM supports three types of physical inventory procedures −

  • Periodic − The system is configured to perform an inventory on a specific day or over a short time period.

  • Continuous − This can be executed anytime during the physical period year.

  • Cycle Counting − You have divided the objects in categories – A, B, C, D. In customizing, you define the cycle counting indicator codes with an interval (in work days) after which a new physical inventory should be performed.

Ad-hoc Inventory

Ad-hoc Physical Inventory is a type of continuous physical inventory and it can be executed anytime during the fiscal year. You can perform an ad-hoc physical inventory in various scenarios, for example, if a product has been damaged. This procedure can be performed at the storage bin level or it can be product-specific.

Navigate to EWM → Monitoring → Warehouse Management monitor.

Ad-hoc Inventory

Enter the Warehouse Number # and Monitor, SAP → Execute.

Go to Stock and Bin node and then double-click on Physical Stock.

Physical Stock

Enter Product ## and execute.

Physical Stock Product Execute

You can note down the inventory and storage type.

How to Create an Ad-Hoc Physical Inventory Document?

To create an ad-hoc physical inventory document, go to EWM → Physical Inventory → Create Physical Inventory Document.

Create Physical Inventory Document

Enter Warehouse No. El##.

Select Phys. Inv. Procedure HL (Ad-hoc Physical Inventory: Storage-Bin-Specific).

Choose Continue.

Physical Inventory Procedure

Select Storage Bin in the Find field. Enter the storage bin from the previous step. Choose Perform Search.

Select Storage Bin

Select the checkbox for the Block Indicator. Then, select the line and choose Set Flag.

Choose Save.

Note − The Pl document number that was created (in the task bar the Pl document number is followed by the current year).