SAP EWM - Pick, Pack, and Pass of Goods

This module is used to manage picking, packing and transportation of goods in the activity areas in the warehouse. This can be used in RF environment commonly and process flow is same as for the standard RF process. In pick, pack and pass goods are moved from activity area to activity area till it arrives at destination point in the system.

Pick, pack, and pass can be used in two ways −

  • System Controlled
  • User Controlled

You need a warehouse order creation rule that supports the top warehouse order creation for the pick, pack, and pass process. The creation categories for this are −


For the system-driven option, the sequence of the warehouse orders in the top warehouse order is determined according to the sort sequence of the assigned in the configuration settings for joining the activity areas.


For the user-driven option, the sequence is manually determined during the execution, which means it can also be done by the Material Flow System (MFS).