SAP Analytics Cloud - Introduction

SAP Analytics for cloud is cloud SaaS based Business Intelligence tool provided by SAP company. It was formerly known as BusinessObjects for cloud. It provides all the key functionalities of an Analytics tool to SAP business users.

This tool is developed by SAP on HANA based BI platform and provides analytics compatibility from data coming from different database, CRM and ERP solutions. You can fetch data from Microsoft SQL, ERP solutions and Salesforce. Business users can compile the data, perform the data discovery, ad-hoc reporting and analysis to support predictive planning. SAP Analytics tool converts the raw data from transactional system into meaningful insight for making better decisions.

Analytics feature in SAP tool depends on data algorithms, programming, and operations research to get data insight and to help the business in finding meaningful information from data coming from multiple data sources. This information is used by all enterprises to perform the business planning and forecasting.

Analytics Feature

Key capabilities provided by SAP Cloud for Analytics includes

  • Business Intelligence
  • Augmented Analytics
  • Planning
  • Modelling
  • Smart Transformation

SAP Analytics tool uses machine learning technology to perform data cleaning, identify possible data errors and suggest filtering options. Modeling feature in Analytics cloud can be used to enhance your data and create hierarchies for deeper data insight.

To know more about this product, costing and available plans, you can visit SAP Product page as below − Analytics cloud

SAP also provides 30 days’ free trial version for this tool. To start with 30 days’ trial, you need to provide your official email ID. For registration, click on Free 30-day trial button.

Registration Cloud

Enter your business email and accept the T&C’s from SAP to start using trial period. Once you enter your email ID, you will receive an email from SAP with welcome email.

Mail Cloud

Key Features of SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics cloud provides below key features to end users −

  • Data Discovery
  • Machine Leaning capabilities
  • Integrated Financial and Business Planning
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Automated data cleansing
  • Data exploration and visualization
  • Role-Based customization for different users
  • Use of custom widgets
  • Applications Integration with on-premise sources
  • Mobile extension to connect with colleagues via iPhone/iPad

SAP Analytics Cloud is one of most recommended software for Business Intelligence, these days. When you compare this tool with other similar tools, you can see vast range of features provided for end users - drag and drop reporting, real time analytics and BI insights, creating data visualizations, dashboards and interactive stories, etc.

When you compare SAP Analytics cloud with other BI tools, below list the key feature supported −

BI Tools

The SAP Analytics Cloud provide below tiers based on its capabilities −

Core Capabilities

This includes key capabilities provided by HANA cloud platform and offers capabilities like data connectivity and modeling, social collaboration, security and administration, web and mobile extensions and API’s based integration capabilities to integrate apps into existing BI solution.

Analytic Capabilities

This includes key capabilities of SAP Cloud platform related to analytics and data processing. These features are focused based on analytics, data cleansing and visualization, use of custom widgets, Predictive analysis capabilities, business and financial planning features and use of Machine learning capabilities.


You can also stitch all the analytic applications into a boardroom and that can allow you to view in multiple screen, multiple metric access to your enterprise metrics.

With this you can also drill to lowest level of your metrics.

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