SAP Analytics Cloud - Assigning Roles

You can assign roles to users and teams in SAP Analytics Cloud. Go to Main Menu → Security → Users and find the required user. To assign a role to user, select the icon in Role column and it will display list of all available roles.

Main Menu

You can also assign a Concurrent user license to users by selecting the same option under Roles. You can assign a “Concurrent Session License” to multiple users and teams, but only a limited number of users can be logged on at a time as per license policy.

In case you don’t define a role when creating or importing users, the default role will be assigned. Also you can set one or more roles as default roles that will be assigned to new users if users are created without a role assigned to them.

Assigned Menu


Note that if no default role is defined in system, it assigns minimum permissions to a SAP Analytics Cloud user. That user can log in to application and request a role itself.

To assign a role as default role, navigate to “Roles” page under Security area and select an existing role → Settings and Select Use as Default Role → OK