SAP Analytics Cloud - Digital Boardroom

Digital boardroom is a pace provided to create real time presentations for executive presentations. To use this feature, you must have one user license of the BI User, Predictive, Planning Standard, or Planning Professional type.

Role Required

Boardroom Viewer or Boardroom Creator role by your administrator. To create new agendas in digital boardroom, you must navigate to Main Menu → Create (+) → Digital Boardroom. It will display 2 options − choose agenda or choose dashboard.

Role Required

You need to provide a title, presenter name, and time for the first agenda item. Click the Design and open Build tab as shown below −


You have to provide the below information for agenda −

  • Provide a title
  • Description
  • Location
  • Date for the presentation properties

The content for your agenda comes from story pages containing the visualizations and data you want to present. To import a story, navigate to Library → open Stories panel and select one/more stories to import.

Imported stories are arranged in page bundle as shown below. To save the agenda, click on save button.

Page Bundle