SAP Analytics Cloud - Customizing Home Screen

While logging to SAP Analytics Cloud, it lands to home page of your account. Your Home screen is a place where you can access your recent stories and visualizations as tiles. You can also add useful reminders such as personal notes.

When you start SAP Analytics Cloud, the Home screen displays tile-like widgets to help you get started working on your analytics tasks.

Request Widgets

You have the following options on Home screen −

Explore a Sample Story

In SAP Analytics Cloud, you have an option to explore a sample feature-rich story to help familiarize you with key SAP Analytics Cloud capabilities.

Create an Account

You can use this option to access your profile settings including contact details, language preference, and a display name.

Create Your First Story

This option can be used to start creating a new story.

Learn More in the Help Center

You can access the SAP Analytics Cloud help topics, release notes, and instructional videos.

Features Files & Recent Stories

You can also display on the Home screen tiles for Featured Files, Recent Stories, and Recent Presentations. The Recent Stories tile displays five most recent stories you have viewed.

The Recent Presentations tile displays the five most recent SAP Digital Boardroom dashboards and agenda you have viewed.