SAP Analytics Cloud - Designer

With the use of Analytics designer, you can create applications for analyzing data and planning. SAP Analytics designer is available in all costing plans with read access.

The major difference compared to stories is that in analytic applications, you can configure the behavior of the UI elements with a set of specific script API events and specify which actions should take place when events are triggered. This flexibility lets you create a variety of analytic applications, ranging from simple static dashboards to highly customized analytic applications with numerous options to browse and navigate data.

The main difference between an analytics application and stories is that analytics applications can use widgets and can be customized using scripting however it is not available in case of stories. In Analytics application, you can change the default behavior of the entire analytic application. The design environment will provide everything to create correct applications, but it does not guarantee that the application is correct or won't break.

Request Widgets

For end users to consume analytics applications, they should have read permissions for analytics applications in their role.

The scripting language used in Analytics application is JavaScript. Scripts are executed by the Web browser without any transformation. You use the Web browser's script execution engine, which is available out of the box. In order to offer good tool support for application designers, you can add a type system on top and this can be used for validating script.

Application Designers