Area between two rectangles: Worksheets

Welcome to the Perimeter and Area of Polygons section at On this page, you will find worksheets on sides of polygons having the same perimeter, finding the missing length in a figure, perimeter of a piecewise rectangular figure, area of a rectangle involving fractions, distinguishing between the area and perimeter of a rectangle, areas of rectangles with the same perimeter, word problem involving the area of a square or a rectangle, finding the side length of a rectangle given its perimeter or area, area of a piecewise rectangular figure, area between two rectangles, finding the area of a right triangle on a grid, finding the area of a right triangle or its corresponding rectangle, area of a triangle, finding the area of a trapezoid on a grid by using triangles and rectangles, area involving rectangles and triangles, area of a parallelogram, area of a trapezoid, finding the perimeter or area of a rectangle in the coordinate plane, and so on.

To practice Math skills, there is nothing more effective than solving worksheets. Our free to download, printable worksheets help you practice Math concepts, and improve your analytical and problem-solving skills. We have 3 worksheets for each topic in the tutorial.


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