Ngx-Bootstrap - Overview

The ngx-bootstrap is a very popular library to use bootstrap components in Angular Based projects. It contains almost all core components of Bootstrap. ngx-bootstrap components are by design modular,extensible and adaptable. Following are the key highlighting points of this bootstrap library.


  • All components are modular by design. Custom templates, Styles can be applied easily.

  • All components are extensible and adaptable and works on desktop and mobile with same ease and performance.


  • All components uses latest style guides and guidelines for code maintainability and readablity.

  • All components are fully unit tested and supports latest angular versions.

Extensive Documentation

  • All components are richly documented and well written.

  • All components are have multiple working demos to exihibits multiple types of functionalities.

Open Source

  • ngx-bootstrap is open source project. It is backed by MIT License.

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