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Text Grabber

What it does: TextGrabber reads, scans, translates and saves a chosen text piece.

Cost − Paid

Available on − Apple iTunes, Android PlayStore, Windows

How it works − If you have book or paper or receipt or even material in another language, open the app, start the camera and click a picture of the matter. Lighting and angle play a vital role in getting a clear image so that the app works to your advantage. You can either select the whole literature in the picture or crop out the piece you want to read, then click “Read”. The app scans the page and presents it in a text format on your smartphone or tablet. Now, the options vary from translate to reading the text out loud that your device does for you and you can control the speed as per your preference.

There are many advantages for this app, you can save the text or listen to it or send it to somebody who you’d like to share it with. It is also known to help people with vision problems as some books or material isn’t as clear or big enough for them to read. And TextGrabber makes it easier to work with as they can either listen to the literature or enhance the size for their comfort. Translate options are often used by many and the easy save as text option helps to post text on social media.


What it does: Google keyboard that includes Glide Typing, GIFs, emojis, Google search built right in the keyboard.

Cost − Free

Available on − Apple iTunes

How it works − This one was a surprise for the Apple users, GBoard has so many options to play with. Once you set it up, make sure to Allow Full Access and it’ll blend in with your keyboard and when switched on, it is quite convenient. When you are chatting with somebody, and when needed, you switch to another app to share an item or article, GBoard condenses it to one place and you can instantly search right from your keyboard and share. As if that wasn’t enough, it lets you share GIFs and emojis, and best feature, Glide Typing, you only swipe on the keyboard and it scans your patterns and spells what you swiped and it works pretty well. And when the spacebar is long-pressed, it becomes a trackpad for the phone. Worth mentioning although this feature has already released in latest Apple iPhones.

For all the people who say that Google takes your information and the whole thing about Privacy comes up, well, Google says they don’t do that and since you don’t sign in to this app, even if Google is picking up your words, they won’t know it’s you. Well, as long as it makes my typing easy, I’m in.


What it does − Lets you scan documents, and convert them into images, PDF files or scans and share or save them for your work/personal use.

Cost − Free

Available on − Android, Apple iTunes, Windows

How it works − CamScanner does a really good job at saving the documents you click, in the format of your preference. It could be a receipt that you’d like to save or you’d like to scan and use for invites, or documents that need to be saved as soft-copy and a scanner isn’t nearby. It’s intelligent for storing documents and information and organize your data that might be useful to you.

Pictures, files, hand drawn notes, art, anything that you can work with and once you sign up, you can store the files in the CamScanner’s cloud storage or upgrade and do much more; access the files on any device with the account details, share, save, edit etc.

Slow Fast Slow

What it does − An app that lets you manipulate the speed and duration of your videos that you shoot on your phone and/or post it to social media.

Cost − Free

Available on − Apple iTunes

How it works − The app is fairly simple, it lets you manipulate the speed and duration of your video with the options of slow motion and fast forward.

You can add, remove, trim, or reverse points on the video and can control the audio of the clip too. Save or post!


What it does −

Organizes and stores all your files, audio, media, files, notes and books and much more.

Cost − Free

Available on − Apple iTunes

How it works − Real simple, sign up, organize and view everything into folders for iCloud, iPod Library, iTunes Files, Photos, documents, notes, quotes everything and services also include sharing between devices, accessing different accounts; DropBox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Windows SMB, Office 365 SharePoint and so much more.

It lets you view, highlight, access PDF files, store/unzip ZIP files, and you can download and copy files from any source.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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Updated on: 17-Jan-2020


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