How to Upload a Video on the Mobile YouTube App?

Are you interested in using YouTube but unsure of how to upload your first video on YouTube? If you used a smartphone to record, you can use an iPhone or Android device to upload the video directly to your YouTube channel. How? Read on.

You'll need the official YouTube app on your phone in order to post a video to YouTube from an iPhone or Android device. If you haven't already, download and install the app on your iPhone or Android device.

Steps to Upload a video using YouTube app

Step-1 − Open the YouTube app on your mobile device and sign in with your YouTube email address and password. Select the "+" (plus) sign from the bar at the YouTube app's bottom.

Step-2 − Create Window will be opened up with different options (as shown below). Click on the Upload a Video button.

Step-3 − The "Upload" screen will now appear, showing all of your phone's videos. Tap the video you want to upload to YouTube here.

Step-4 − Once the video has started, select "Next" from the menu in the top-right corner of the app.

Step-5 − The "Add Details" screen is now active. Enter a title for your video in the "Title" section by tapping it here.

Step-6 − Add a description to your video by tapping "Add Description."(as shown below)

Step-7 − Then select "Public" to limit who can view your YouTube video while you are uploading a video.

Step-8 − Choose one of these visibility choices for your video on the "Set Visibility" screen that appears −

Anyone on YouTube is able to watch your video if it is set to public.

Unlisted − When you choose this option, only those with whom you share the video's link can view it.

Private − The video can only be viewed by you and the persons you specify.

Step-9 − On the same "Set Visibility" screen, select the "Schedule" option if you want to upload your video to YouTube at a specific time.

Step-10 − Select a day and time for the release of your video by tapping the date and time drop-down box. Tap the back arrow symbol in the top-left corner of the app once this is finished.

Step-11 − Return to the "Add Details" box and select "Location" to give your video a location. Tap the "Add to Playlists" button to add your video to a playlist.

Step-12 − At this point, you are on the "Select Audience" page. You'll specify here for whom your video was created.

Choose "Yes, It's Made for Kids" if your video is intended for children. Choose "No, It's Not Made for Kids" in the alternative. If you want to see if your video is deemed appropriate for children, visit the YouTube page.

Step-13 − Tap "Age Restriction (Advanced)" to get more alternatives if you select "No, It's Not Made for Kids."

Step-14 − Then click "Upload" in the top-right corner of the programme.

Step-15 − YouTube will start to upload your video. Your uploaded videos will thereafter be available in the Library > Your Videos area of the YouTube app.


Here is the complete process of adding videos to your YouTube channel with YouTube app. You can directly upload the video to your channel or you can even schedule it as per your convenience.