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Alto – Email Organized for you

Alto organizes your email into Cards and Stacks and highlights important emails, messages, and information setting all that junk out of your view.

What it does?

Organizes your inbox into Cards and Stacks, enabling you to distinguish between important emails, snoozed emails, messages with files, or photos all arranged categorically. Stacks let you divide them into unread, starred, shopping, travel, finance, work, personal and social emails. Custom stacks file each category as you like it.

This app syncs with your Dashboard and Calendar and displays all the emails, messages you wish to see, it figures out your email for itineraries, events, day-by-day without getting thrown off by wrong dates and avoiding all sorts of human error.

Real-time updates refresh and classify each email as per the category so you won’t miss a thing. Alto also lets you Snooze a response best suited to your schedule and pops up on chosen time.

Available on: iTunes and PlayStore for Free


  • Supports Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, AOL, Office360, and other IMAP accounts,
  • Supports different languages
  • Calendar and Cloud Sync
  • Tablet Support
  • Unsubscribe feature from unwanted emails
  • Access to contacts
  • TouchID protection
  • Cloud Storage Access

Google Assistant

Siri’s strong competitor and varied in its approach. With a talk to approach, it definitely makes everything easy.

What it does?

Basically, your own assistant linked to Google and with Google running everything around, this one is easy. You can talk to your assistant about the weather, do your online searches, sync up your calendar, open a few specific apps and talk to your assistant and get the work done, “open calendar, what does my schedule look like?”. Pretty simple.

This is definitely one to try.

Available on

iTunes and PlayStore for Free

Key Features

  • Press Mic icon and state your task or Start typing
  • Set reminders
  • Open apps and work through
  • Set calendar tasks
  • Play music
  • Navigate
  • Ask anything


Listen to all your articles, blogs, news, or any text you wish instead of reading it.

What it does?

Turning all your readable content into playlists and listen at your desired speed. You can choose the source of these files from apps and this app even adds messages, emails, articles from web browsers. This is a quick way to gluing your eyes on the road and letting Motoread read everything out to you.

Available on: iTunes and PlayStore

Additional Features

  • Adjustable speed
  • Follow along feature
  • Voice support for 30+ languages
  • Save articles from playlist
  • In-app RSS feed
  • Computer and Tablet compatibility
  • Other apps compatible Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard etc.


Universal app that lets you sign apps without having to print them.

What it does?

SignEasy lets you sign from your smartphone onto documents and files without having to print and delay and it even saves paper! Create eSignatures and use them for self-signing, in-person signing so that the person signs on the app in your presence, or remote signing that lets the other person sign from their remote location.

This app even lets you set priorities and order of signatures if sending to more than one person or you can have them sign all at once. This also works best for tracking the document you have shared and one can check if it is signed or not, followed by an option to remind the receiver to sign the file. SignEasy lets you receive, create, share files that require signatures and turns your phone into a document by opening the app and viewing said documents, signing with your finger or stylus and it works just like a document. Privacy concerns? The app lets you save a signature with fingerprint scan so that no one else has access to nor use your signature.

Many government offices and businesses are using this method to save time, increase efficiency and in turn saving the environment.

Available on: iTunes and Google Play

Paid with free trial period

Key Features

  • Safe, secure and legally binding
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Works with popular applications


Moflow is a personal finance app that lets you control your money flow.

What it does?

A simple interface lets you enter all your spending habits and expenses keeping it simple and effortless. Even on vacation, Moflow keeps track and converts your money concerns so that you can spend wisely.

Available on: Apple iTunes for Free

Key Features

  • Apple Watch support
  • Built in currency converter
  • Customizable expense lists
  • Camera – for attaching photos and receipts
  • Works offline.
  • Share option via email.
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