How to download YouTube mobile app videos using third party app?

YouTube has trillions of videos, and more than millions of active viewers each day on the platform. Everyone watches videos on the Internet and wants to download the videos they like. YouTube does not provide us with the facility of downloading online. But it can be done by using a lot of software. So, the use of a third-party YouTube downloader comes to facilitate the downloading. These days most people have smartphones, which provide PC-like usability that makes YouTube even better to operate. Today in this article I will be discussing two major YouTube downloaders.

YouTube only provides an option on its application to download and make any videos offline. But there is a limitation to it that it won’t let you share the offline videos with anyone. Still, if you want to share YouTube videos with your friends or relatives, then what will you do? The answer is that you can download the video using any third-party app.

Download YouTube videos using a third-party app

Sometimes, you may want to download videos from the YouTube platform to your local memory device for personal or project purposes. But the most difficult part is, how can I download the videos? There is no straight way to do it from the YouTube interface itself. However, with the help of third-party applications, the video download is achievable with a great ease.

The most famous two apps for this purpose are discussed one by one −


Does anyone know that Telegram works as a downloader? The Telegram messenger app can be used as a YouTube video downloader for Android users. The best part of it is that Telegram is one of the most secure chatting apps, which means that the users are safe from malware while downloading YouTube videos.

There are many Telegram bots on Telegram that can be used to download videos. For example, @utubebot on telegram is a good one that can be used to download videos from YouTube.

Now let me show the step-by-step procedure to download YouTube videos on the phone −

  • Open the Telegram app and search for a @utubebot in the search option.

  • Select the bot and tap on Start

  • Send the YouTube video link in the chat window
  • Select the video and audio format
  • Download the video and the downloading will start.

  • The video will download fully. After that click on Save to Music.

  • The file will save to mobiles memory.
  • One can see the downloaded video in the mobile memory.

All Tube Video Downloader

Link to the app −

Tube Video Downloader Master is one of the best video downloaders to download free social media videos that too in HD quality. The downloading is also super-fast.

Social network videos are downloaded in the background and can download multiple video files at the same time. Tube Video Downloader can download all the videos in HD format and media clips from YouTube. Tube video downloader is specially designed for videos and clips, free download and save videos for watching them offline, it is very easy for all users to download HD movies with a single tap.

Now let me show the step-by-step procedure to download YouTube videos on the phone −

  • Open the Tube Video Downloader app on Mobile.
  • Clear the YouTube Address bar, it has previous address stored.
  • Search for the video to be downloaded in The YouTube App.
  • Tap on Share button.
  • Tap on copy link. The link of Video will be copied.
  • Paste the link in the window, tap on Download videos.
  • Select the Video and specification and download.
  • The video will be downloaded in the mobile phone.
  • The video will be visible in Download manager.
  • One can see the video in files and play it.


In the end, I would like to say that as we all are having tight schedules, a YouTube video downloader on a mobile phone frees us from the stress of viewing online. For offline viewing, the above-mentioned third-party apps are best for downloading. Streaming videos are more accessible nowadays, as long as one is having a smartphone and a decent Internet connection. It will be a good option to keep these online YouTube videos offline so that one can view the videos on one go when they are out of range of cellular connections or WIFI hotspots and still they can enjoy videos.

Updated on: 23-Nov-2022


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