Ionic - Cordova Icon and Splash Screen

Every mobile app needs an icon and splash screen. Ionic provides excellent solution for adding it and requires minimum work for the developers. Cropping and resizing is automated on the Ionic server.

Adding Splash Screen and Icon

In the earlier chapters, we have discussed how to add different platforms for the Ionic app. By adding a platform, Ionic will install Cordova splash screen plugin for that platform so we do not need to install anything afterwards. All we need to do is to find two images.

The images should be png, psd or ai files. The minimum dimension should be 192x192 for icon image and 2208×2208 for the splash screen image. This dimensions will cover all the devices. In our example, we will use the same image for both. The images need to be saved to resources folder instead of the default ones. After we are done with it, all we need is to run the following in the command prompt window.

C:\Users\Username\Desktop\MyApp>ionic resources

Now, if you check resources/android or resources/ios folders, you will see that the images we added before are resized and cropped to accommodate different screen sizes. When we run our app on the device, we will see a splash screen before the app is started and we will see that a default Ionic icon is changed.

Ionic Cordova Splash Screen

Ionic Cordova Icon

NOTE − If you want to use different images for Android and iOS, you can add it to resources/android and resources/ios instead of the resources folder.