Ionic - JavaScript Slide Box

A Slide box contains pages that can be changed by swiping the content screen.

Using Slide Box

The usage of the slide box is simple. You just need to add ion-slide-box as a container and ion-slide with box class inside that container. We will add height and border to our boxes for better visibility.



      <div class = "box box1">
         <h1>Box 1</h1>

      <div class = "box box2">
         <h1>Box 2</h1>

      <div class = "box box3">
         <h1>Box 3</h1>


.box1, box2, box3 {
   height: 300px;
   border: 2px solid blue;

The Output will look as shown in the following screenshot −

Ionic Javascript Slide Box 1

We can change the box by dragging the content to the right. We can also drag to the left to show the previous box.

Ionic Javascript Slide Box 2

A few attributes that can be used for controlling slide box behavior are mentioned in the following table.

Delegate Methods

Attribute Type Details
does-continue Boolean Should slide box loop when first or last box is reached.
auto-play Boolean Should slide box automatically slide.
slide-interval number Time value between auto slide changes in milliseconds. Default value is 4000.
show-pager Boolean Should pager be visible.
pager-click expression Called when a pager is tapped (if pager is visible). $index is used to match with different slides.
on-slide-changed expression Called when slide is changed. $index is used to match with different slides.
active-slide expression Used as a model to bind the current slide index to.
delegate-handle string Used for slide box identification with $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.

Slide Box Delegate

The $ionicSlideBoxDelegate is a service used for controlling all slide boxes. We need to inject it to the controller.

Controller Code

.controller('MyCtrl', function($scope, $ionicSlideBoxDelegate) {
   $scope.nextSlide = function() {


<button class = "button button-icon icon ion-navicon" ng-click = "nextSlide()"></button>

The following table shows $ionicSlideBoxDelegate methods.

Delegate Methods

Method Parameters Type Details
slide(parameter1, parameter2) to, speed number, number Parameter to represents the index to slide to. speed determines how fast is the change in milliseconds.
enableSlide(parameter1) shouldEnable boolean Used for enambling or disabling sliding.
previous(parameter1) speed number The value in miliseconds the change should take.
stop() / / Used to stop the sliding.
start() / / Used to start the sliding.
currentIndex() / number Returns index of the curent slide.
slidesCount() / number Returns total number of the slides.
$getByHandle(parameter1) handle string Used to connect methods to the particular slide box with the same handle. $ionicSlideBoxDelegate. $getByHandle('my-handle').start();