How to Promote YouTube Videos for free

Simply creating and publishing content isn't enough. To have views the YouTube channel needs promotion. Without promotion, YouTube content could end up getting fewer views than it deserves. In this article, we will tell you to promote it for free.

Apply these tried and tested YouTube marketing tips −

Post Engaging Videos Regularly

Provide viewers with something of value. This means videos need to be engaging. Video must be −

  • Helpful
  • Informative
  • Or entertaining

Also post videos regularly, once the creator starts posting regularly, he can get the audience into a habit of watching content and get more views.

5-minute craft post on regular bases.

Run Contests

Run contests on your channel. People enjoy being in limelight, and it will engage them more.

One of the simplest ways of running a contest is to ask people to like a video, leave a comment, or subscribe to a channel to enter the contest. This gives a nice boost in engagement and gets more new subscribers.

Many Channels from time to time run contests.

Add YouTube Videos to Your Website

Add YouTube videos to the website in the form of video feeds. Anyone who visits the website will view the video. So, the videos are going to reach a larger audience. And will get more views and subscribers.

A website have their YouTube videos on its website.

Cross-Promote with Other Channels

Gain more views on YouTube videos by cross-promoting content with other YouTube channels. By doing this one can get access to new audiences. And if they like your content, you can turn them into long-term subscribers.

Mrwhoseistheboss cross-promoted his channel on Mr. Beast channel.

Post YouTube Livestreams

Viewers watch livestreams 10-20 times longer than normal videos. Creators not only get views with livestreams, but also keep people interested for much longer.

These live videos are organic, which compels a lot of people to watch them. It all happens in real time, with no editing, so creators appear more genuine.

A gaming channel doing livestream gaming.

Promote Channel on Other social media

Another great way to promote your YouTube videos is by promoting it on your different social media platforms. Just share the link of your videos on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

NasDaily has all his social media on Banner of his YouTube channel as well as he promotes his videos on Facebook.

From the statistical data down below, it is seen that social media users are increasing day by day.

Facebook is the number 1 Social platform nowadays.

Social media users in each country are on increasing trends.

Use YouTube Analytics

Check the analytics to see whether methods of promoting YouTube videos are working or not. Just focus on the methods that are effective in promoting and try to improve the methods that are less effective in it. You even get more information about viewers location, age, and gender. Plan your content keeping these in mind.

Study your analytics on different parameters like age, gender and countries. Track the traffic that whether it is from internal or external sources.

Optimize Videos for SEO

YouTube videos must have good SEO, to rank higher in the search results. Before making the video, Search for keywords, add keywords to the video script, create a title that includes the keyword, add the keyword to the description, tags and hashtags.

Well-drafted channel descriptions of a good educational YouTube channel.

Celebrate Milestones

Whenever the creator reaches a new milestone, like a sales goal, anniversary, or even a YouTube subscriber goal celebrate it.

This improves the relationship with subscribers and also get access to lots of new ones. Avail this opportunity to announce a new product, call some top subscribers, organize contests, etc.

A channel celebrating success on 1 million subscribers.

Interact with Others

Interact with the subscribers, commenters, and other content creators on YouTube. Engaging with the audience helps to foster a strong connection with them which can turn into a loyal fanbase.

Have discussions in the comment section to keep people in your channel for longer. Show appreciation for viewer’s comments by pinning them at the top. With positive interactions creators have a much easier time getting people interested in the brand.

Interaction by Gamer during Livestream

Create an engaging thumbnail for your video

Before making the video public, one can create a custom thumbnail image. A good thumbnail can convince people to click on the video on the search results page. Just adding a thumbnail can boost the click rate by 40%.

An example of a good thumbnail.

Try Q&A Videos

Audience Q&As videos are one of the most effective ways to build a community on YouTube. Ask your subscribers to send you questions by comment, email, tweet or any content ideas. Create a video to strengthen the relationship.

By showing fans that they matter, boost watch time, view counts, and engagement. Plus, Q&As can be lifesavers when the creator is out of fresh content ideas.

A YouTube channel having a Q and A session on girl’s talk.

Take advantage of the holidays

Win some extra subscribers by anticipating what people want to see. Use festivals, popular movies, holiday breaks and trends as opportunities to post relevant content. This strategy can prove wonders.

A channel taking use of the Christmas and winter holidays to promote.

Make evergreen videos

Upload a few timeless videos that audiences will return to again and again. Popular evergreen content includes how-to guides, tools and resource lists, collections, tip roundups, and more.

This kind of evergreen content rank well for years, increasing traffic and boosting SEO for your channel.

Participate in YouTube trends and challenges

See what’s trending on YouTube. One can check the explore page, to see content that’s new and hot. Trends and challenges are the instant inspiration for new content. By making videos you can promote the channel.

One can check YouTube's main page for trending topics.

Make a list and then make videos on it.

Build a community

One of the benefits of creating YouTube content is that it helps to set you up as an authority in your industry. People will begin to seek you for your knowledge. Keep them engaged by building a community. A great way to get started is by simply engaging with the viewers. Subscribe to channels that target a similar audience like you. Watch, like, and share their content. Leave thoughtful comments on their video or mention them in your videos.

This gives a better sense of your competition and also helps a creator reach new viewers.

In the example given below, one can check the fitness community has been set up.


free. With these tried-and-tested hacks, one can promote the video channel to gain a dedicated audience in no time. To keep away the videos from getting lost in the shuffle, the creator needs solid YouTube marketing.