How to Have an Effective Start and End for your YouTube videos?

YouTube has a significant hold on the market for video content as the second most viewed website in the world. This platform is used by brands to interact with customers, provide valuable content, advertise their goods and services, and increase brand recognition.

However, if you're new to the video marketing, you might be asking how to actually create a YouTube video. But, you must know that a great YouTube video requires more than simply interesting subject matter. It requires an effective intro (Starting point) and outro (ending point) for your YouTube videos.

Here are a few tips to create a stunning intro and outro for your YouTube videos.

What is YouTube Intro?

A YouTube intro video is precisely what it sounds like—a brief clip that is added at the start of a YouTube video to introduce your channel or the video's topic. Consider them to be your video's opening credits.

How to Create Engaging YouTube Intros?

A YouTube video start must be distinctive and memorable to be successful. Make sure it makes a good first impression and is consistent throughout all of your videos. Every introduction needs to concentrate on a few specific elements.


    Your intro should include important branding components whether you're a marketer producing videos for your company's channel or a YouTube content creator. This comprises:

    • Name
    • Logo
    • Shades

    Here is a perfect example of MadFit YouTube channel Intro. Please do check out and it is consistent in all MadFit videos.


    Make sure your introduction doesn't last more than 30 seconds. You should be aware that intros longer than 25 seconds will cause you to lose roughly 50% of viewers, but this may vary depending on your audience's preferences and the type of content you're producing.

    Here is a perfect example because this YouTube Channel – MODERNMILLIE has used Timestamps to define the time-period for the intro video.

    Text and Music

    Your YouTube video beginning should be supported with a captivating melody and visually appealing text elements.

    You can use easier solutions for some forms of content, including vlogs. However, animated text elements in your opening might help you create a highlight video that showcases your company's products in an engaging and polished manner.

    However, the music in your introduction need not be visually arresting. You can employ an ear-pleasing melody that is straightforward but memorable.

    Here is a perfect example of eye-catching intro that includes both text and music.

    Benefits of YouTube Intro Videos

    • Increases brand identification and awareness.
    • Gives your videos a clean and expert appearance.
    • Can aid in increasing the number of views on your videos, which will aid the YouTube algorithm.

    What is a YouTube Outro?

    A YouTube Outro is an ideal spot for a call to action. It allows you one more opportunity to engage your audience and encourage them to take the action that can help your channel develop, whether you want to direct viewers to related videos on your channel, ask them to like the video or subscribe to your channel, post a link to your website, or do all of the above.

    Comment, like, and share this video. Don't forget to click the bell icon on my YouTube channel to receive regular updates on my new videos. - This one plea to the viewers is made by every YouTuber at the beginning or end of their videos.

    But we hesitate to create an effective and compelling Outro for your YouTube videos

    Here is one of the best techniques on how to create an effective YouTube Outro:

    Ask for Subscribers

    Asking for it in your videos is the simplest approach to start growing your subscriber base. Never rely on your audience being able to read your mind. Give your viewers a compelling call to action in your videos, and invite them to click the "Subscribe" button immediately above your video.

    Here is a straightforward three-step formula for writing an effective call to action in your video that makes watching it and subscribing to it an easy decision.

    • Give them instructions.
    • Inform them of the process.
    • Explain the benefits to them.

    Here is a perfect example on how to ask for Subscribers.

    Collins Key is one YouTuber who has implemented a new technique for asking for subscribers. He throws a challenge for subscribers in 5 sec and asks them to subscribe for the channel. Check out!

    Benefits of YouTube Outro

    A YouTube video Outro lengthens viewers' time on your channel and may even aid in increasing your subscriber count, expanding your audience, or increasing website traffic.


    Each YouTube channel has a certain function. For many firms, this may be done to raise brand awareness, cultivate client connections, or market their goods to their intended market. On the other side, this may be used by individual YouTubers to increase their fan base, engage in affiliate marketing, drive traffic to their social media pages, and much more.

    Whatever the reason, you need people to see it. Having a powerful intro and outro is important for persuading viewers to watch your videos and take action. Missing out on both of these opportunities will prevent your brand from growing.

    Updated on: 12-Aug-2022


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