How To Add Caption To Your YouTube Videos?

Your YouTube videos will be accessible to more viewers by adding captions. Viewers who are deaf, speak a language other than their own, or are unable to hear the audio in your video can benefit from subtitles.

Moreover, adding closed captions to your YouTube videos may aid in your SEO, or search engine optimization. You may improve your videos' ranking in search results by using better SEO techniques. Unless you utilise automated captions, Google and YouTube both index subtitles and transcripts similarly to how they do the description of your video.

This article will help you add captions to your YouTube videos in the simplest way. Let’s start −

Steps to Add Caption to your YouTube Videos

Step 1 − Sign into your YouTube account. Click on the Profile Icon which is present on the top-right hand corner. A drop-down appears and from the drop-down menu, click on the YouTube Studio.

Step 2 − You will be taken to the Channel Dashboard page. On the left-hand corner, click on the Content tab.

Step 3 − Select the video for which you want to add Captions (as shown below) and click on the Details tab.

Step 4 − In the video details page, you will find-Subtitles in the left-hand corner, click on the Subtitles.

Step 5 − A separate window will be opened up (as shown below) and you can select on how to add captions – Upload file, Auto-Sync or Type manually.

Step 6 − If you have already written captions for your videos on your notepad or word document, you can upload the file from your desktop by clicking on the Upload file tab.

Step 7 − Click on the Upload file tab and a separate window opens up and selects the subtitle file type –with or without timing and click on Continue to add the sub-title file.

Step 8 − Click on the Auto-sync tab. You can type or paste in a full transcript of the video and the subtitle timings will be set automatically.

Step 9 − In the second option, you can directly type the words that are spoken in the video and YouTube automatically make sure to auto-sync the text with the video. Once it was completed, click on the DONE button.

Step 10 − In the Type manually section, you can manually create subtitles and closed captions by typing them in as you watch the video. Click on the type manually tab.

Step 11 − Click on the CAPTION button (as shown below).

Step 12 − Manually type the text in the boxes and edit the timings of the captions as per video (as shown below) and once the captions are added, click on the DONE button.

Step 13 − Once the captions are added the output will be shown like this while playing the video.


Your audience may grow if you add captions to the YouTube videos you produce. Closed captioning enables viewers with hearing impairments to enjoy your content without watching the video. Additionally, captions are useful to viewers who speak other languages. Additionally, viewers might choose to watch your video with the sound off. Moreover, captions can be added to the currently uploading video or to the previously uploaded video.

Updated on: 09-Sep-2022


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