How to Make YouTube Videos More Engaging?

Entrepreneur! When you consistently produce top-notch YouTube videos, people look up to you as an authority. However, your video engagement may start to decrease and viewers won't stick around to the conclusion if you ramble, stumble, or can't keep their attention.

When your thoughts don't flow naturally, the spectator finds it difficult to see the outcome. In order to help you plan, organise, structure, and storyboard your videos so they flow better and make you sound like the authority you are, I'll be sharing how to boost the engagement of your YouTube videos.

The Perfect Timeline to make a video engaging

Use the following criteria to create an 8 to 10-minute video:

Introduction (50–60 seconds): Should explain how you plan to deliver on the promise made in the headline. Once can also include how the issues personally impact them to establish some credibility and likeability right away.

Title (10 seconds)

Include your name as the host and the name of the show.

Describe the issue (2–3 minutes)

To give the reader a broader grasp of the issue, discuss it from many perspectives. Discuss the impact of the issue on their life or business as well as possible causes. By doing this, you can make them eager for the answer.

The Solution (4-5 minutes)

Provide an example for each solution and discuss it. Solution one is followed by an illustration, backed by Solution two, and so forth. Your audience will be able to see the answer in a practical setting this way.

The Hook (mid-point)

Keep your audience watching until the very end by promising something usually in the middle of your video. This motivates people to watch the second half of your video and prevents them from getting disinterested in the first half of the video.

The CTA (call-to-action for 1-2 minutes)

Ask viewers to take particular action after watching your video by including a call-to-action at the end. It can be something like this – I hope you enjoy this video and please don’t forget to like, share, comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel. In this way, you can increase your subscriber count and your audience is more inclined to behave if you ask them to.


Consistent, well-paced videos increase interest and engagement among viewers and YouTube assigns videos a watch time ranking and a regular framework increases the audience familiarity too. Hence structuring the videos via video engagement timeline is crucial for the viewers to watch the videos throughout the end.