How to Create Shorts on YouTube Channel?

YouTube has launched a new feature of short-form video content—YouTube Shorts. This vertical micro-content is the latest new feature joining its rivals Instagram Reels, TikTok, Snapchat, and Facebook Stories by YouTube. They are vertical, short-form videos that can be created or watched on YouTube.

YouTube Shorts are a huge opportunity for creators and businesses, as there’s less work and greater audiences while creating YouTube Shorts.

Watching YouTube Shorts

YouTube has a specified tap button for Shorts which can be found to the left of the "+" icon on the mobile screen after opening the YouTube app. When watching a Short, a viewer can tap icons on the right bottom of the screen to "Like," "Dislike," or comment on the video. If the viewer enjoys the shorts, he can “SUBSCRIBE" to the channel. Once a viewer finishes a Short, they can swipe to see more Shorts.

How to Make YouTube Shorts

On the YouTube app, creating a Short is very easy. The steps are:

Tap the “+” Create symbol and choose create a Short.

After landing on the page, the camera stating 15 seconds. You can tap on that to increase it to 60 seconds.

Flip the front and rear cameras for recording accordingly.

Select “Speed” to slow down or speed up recording from .03 to 3x

For hands-free recordings, tap the “Timer” and choose a countdown ranging from 3 to 20 seconds.

Choose appropriate filters to spice up the content.

For exciting backgrounds, pick the “Green Screen” option to replace the background with an image of your choice. Add a music to the video.

Tap the record button to begin recording, and tap it again to stop.

Preview short by clicking the check mark located in the bottom right. Add more edits by adding filters, text, and music if necessary.

Create a catchy title with a max of 100 characters, fix the settings, add #shorts for better engagement, and then upload.


So in this article we have learned about how we can create a YouTube shorts for YouTube channel. They are really short videos of Maximum size of 60 minutes and it also helps you market your channel to the audience.

Updated on: 05-Sep-2022


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