How To Block Someone From A Youtube Channel?

Posting videos on a YouTube channel means presenting the work in front of the general public YouTube is a wonderful adventure for content creators, but it also attracts its fair share of Internet trolls and hurtful comments sometimes. But creator don’t have to bear with that. If a creator has unpleasant interactions with a YouTube user, It’s easy to cut the user out of their life and block them on the video or channel.

The YouTube comments section has always been notorious for nurturing toxic comments over the past years. Devoted haters, creepy stalkers, abhorrent commenters, and ne’er-do-well trolls love to roam the comment sections of any social media platform. Nasty YouTube comments and messages can ruin the day. So, YouTube had to implement more levels of security and introduce new features to lessen the impact of toxic and hate comments on the platform. Thankfully, the creator gets some facility from YouTube to block selected users.

With more people calling out for this culture of hate and toxic comments and cyberbullying, social media platforms have become vigilant enough to exercise caution. Almost every social media platform provides its users with the option to block accounts that can annoy or harass them. YouTube, too, has extended blocking options to its creators and viewers. Blocking can be done from both sides.

In this blog, we will walk you through the steps on how to block someone on YouTube.

Steps To Block Someone On Youtube

Here's how to block someone on YouTube.

  • Log into your YouTube account. Click on your profile image. Type the user name of offending person in the search bar, or if it’s a channel, type the channel name. Enter the search button.

  • Go to the profile of the offending person by searching for his or her name on YouTube.

  • Click About from the available list of options under their name and hit the flag icon located on the screen.

  • Select Block User by clicking on the flag.

  • Confirm the blocking by hitting submit button on the next screen.

Note − When a creator block someone on YouTube, they won't be able to comment on the videos or channel and will be barred from sending them private messages too.

How To Verfiy That Particular Person Is Blocked Or Not?

  • Open YouTube and click on your profile image.

  • Click on YouTube Studio and open it.

  • Open the Settings option.

  • Click on Community. You can see the blocked person’s name in the Hidden User place.


The appreciative step by YouTube has allowed creators to block someone who has probably been harassing them by posting mean comments on their YouTube videos. Many people write nasty comments just because they dislike the content. However, the best option is to unsubscribe from the channel rather than disrespecting the efforts of a creator. It can leave adverse consequences as other viewers often read comments first to determine if the content is worth watching.

Updated on: 30-Aug-2022


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