How to Disable Like and Dislike button for YouTube Channel

YouTube is a world of videos which has a barometer to record the engagement of viewers in the form of likes, dislikes and comments. The more engagement a video gets in the starting hours after it’s uploaded, the more likely it is picked up by YouTube and recommended to millions of people.

By default, all these metrics are visible to everyone. The main video is up at the top of the screen followed by the title of the video and after that the information bar having all details about the video follows. This bar shows the views, the like and dislike count.

By default, subscriber counts, likes and dislikes counts are shown publicly. For content creators on any social media platform, audience feedback is important. One of the ways to get it is to track the number of likes and dislikes under each video. But sometimes due to some reason, it becomes necessary to hide the reaction ratios especially - dislikes from haters, and bullying.

The video creator, sometimes their videos are being maliciously attacked by random numbers of mass dislikes, which they cannot control. YouTube has recognized this as a problem and given creators, a solution. As a video creator, you have the option to hide some of this information. Why Hide YouTube Likes and Dislikes

How To Hide Dislikes On Your Whole Youtube Channel

If you want to hide likes and dislikes number on all your videos at once, you can do this in the general settings of your YouTube channel. These changes will affect only on newly uploaded videos. On the videos you uploaded before, you need to remove the counter manually to each of them using the method described above.

So, removing the likes/dislikes ratio on the whole YouTube channel −

Step 1 − Open YouTube and tap on your profile picture in the upper right corner. Click on it. Open YouTube Studio.

Step 2 − Click on Settings written on the left bottom of the screen.

Step 3 − Click on Upload Defaults on the left-hand side of screen.

Step 4 − A page will open showing the specification headings of video. Click on Advanced settings.

Step 5 − Scroll down the page down to hide like and dislike button.

Step 6 − At the last, an option will appear saying “Show how many users like this video”. By default, it is checked. Just uncheck this.

Step 7 − After unchecking the option click on Save.

You have hidden the like and dislike button successfully. Any newly uploaded video will be without the like and dislike button. As you can see on the image below only like and dislike button is there, no like and dislike button ratio is shown.


Although video content creators tend to hide dislikes, not likes. Likes most often worries creators for only one reason – that when the channel is new and in the budding stage due to few views and likes, it will grow slowly. Creators assume that viewers can find a channel or video uninteresting if there are few likes on it. When the channel becomes more popular, the creator turns the likes and dislikes ratio.

Updated on: 05-Sep-2022

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