How to get Merchant Shelf for your YouTube channel

Every big YouTube creator has gotten into the business of selling merchandise on the platform. The creators know that they’re running the business, and a successful business finds ways to diversify its revenue. They have merged their two roles into one. Moreover, YouTube creators also realize that selling merchandise and their other products on the platform can bring big returns and can also engage their fan base. The best part is that the creator has full control, of designing the merch, running the shop, and promoting their goods on the channel and no algorithm is required. A creator reaps all the rewards. A creator can set up a store on their own without negotiations or contracts while retaining full autonomy on brand and values.

A creator doesn’t need millions of subscribers on the channel to start selling. The channel has to be approved and monetized which means at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 total watch hours.

Merch Self, allows eligible creators to display their merchandise on YouTube. This shelf appears on the channels' main video page, and as YouTube stated, “the shelf may not be shown on all video pages”. It also offers a way to support the creator by their fan base and get something in return that also has the bonus of promoting the channel.

How to check if your channel is approved for monetization

To check that, if you qualify or not, visit the YouTube Studio, click on Monetization and follow the prompts through Merchandise. You will see this option if your channel is eligible.

And this if you don’t.

Is the YouTube Merch shelf for you?

To use the Merch Shelf on YouTube, the channel has to fulfil the following requirements −

  • The channel is approved for monetization.

  • The channel is based in a region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

  • If the channel is a music channel, it has to be an Official Artist Channel and if it’s not a music channel then it needs to have more than 1,000 subscribers.

  • The channel’s audience is not set as Made for Kids, and the channel does not have a huge number of videos marked as Made for Kids.

  • The channel does not have videos that violate YouTube’s Channel Monetization Policies.

  • The channel has not received any Hate Speech Community Guideline Strikes.

If the YouTube channel meets all these eligibility requirements, the creator can merchandise on YouTube.

How to set and sell merch on YouTube

If a YouTube creator is starting selling products on his channel, fan merch is a smart and cost-effective way for the channel creator. The steps are −

Design the own merch for YouTube

The first big question is exactly what to put on merchandise. A creator doesn’t need to be a skilled illustrator or graphic designer to design unique, high-quality designs. First, think about how to brand the channel. Using a logo, slogans used during videos, or even illustrations of the creator’s face will work. For example, the images down below are famous merch of famous YouTube Channel.

Set up the store

There are a variety of stores available that serve YouTube creators looking to sell merch. They streamline the process of selling merch, but the downside is that the look of the shop and selling process depends on their design. Some of the stores providing these services are −

Connect the channel to an existing shop.

The process is as follows −

Click on your profile picture and open Your channel.

Click on Monetization

Click on Merchandise.

Click on Get Started.

Select your store.

Agree to all the agreements.

Get the store ID and Enter in the space given for it.

After entering, click on Accept.

The Merch Shelf has been added to the channels main page as shown below.

Edit and Customize Your YouTube Merch Shelf

The merch shelf can have 30 items at one go. A creator can make edits to their Merch Shelf from the YouTube account page. On the Merch Shelf, a creator can display up to 12 products at one time. A creator on his own will can choose the merch that is to be featured on the shelf as well as the order in which they will appear. It is recommended to feature new products or the most popular products in the list first.

The product appears on:

  • The channel’s page.

  • Products at the end screens of videos added as end cards.

  • Tagged products in the videos and live streams.

  • Pinned products in live chats of the creator.

Any time, a creator can turn off the Shopping features for the channel by disconnecting the store.


Starting with selling merch as a YouTube creator doesn’t require having a lakh of subscribers. All essential requirements are readily available to Creator to start making an income that is independent of YouTube and its algorithm, restrictions, and partner program. YouTube Shopping lets eligible Creators easily promote their products from their stores across YouTube channel audiences, while earning money.

Updated on: 13-Sep-2022


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