How to add YouTube video to Google slides?

Google Slides is a component of Google's web-based Google Docs Editor set that is offered for free. Desktop, Android, and iOS devices are all supported. Office teams can create, communicate, edit, and work together in the Google workspace, which includes Google Slides.

Your message needs to be heard and understood, so your delivery and keeping your audience interested are equally crucial. You may want to know how to include a YouTube Video if you are using Google Slides and want to keep your presentation interesting and engaging. Your viewers' attention might be drawn to your Google Slide presentation by including video, which may keep them entertained for longer.

Why it is important to embed videos into your Google Slides presentation

To communicate your message faster and maintain your audience's attention for longer, include videos in your Google Slide presentation. Let us look why you should incorporate a YouTube video into your next presentation

Your audience is immediately drawn to the video

Showing a video at the beginning of your presentation rather than at the end will capture the attention of your audience from the very beginning. 81% of video viewing sessions do so.

Adding video to suit all learning styles

All levels of learners and individuals who are visual learners will benefit from adding videos to your Google Slides presentation. Subtitles and captions are also possible in embedded videos, allowing viewers to comprehend the material even if they cannot hear it.

Video provides a break for the presenter and audience

Instead of listening to the speaker, Google Slide presentations are frequently broken up with videos to give the audience something to watch and engage with. The presenter is also allowed to step away from speaking for a moment while the embedded video is playing, review their notes, and sip water.

Embedded videos generate discussion with the audience

When viewers watch a video on Google Slide, they may be motivated to continue the discussion and express their views.

Videos are easy to watch and understand

Presenters can incorporate video into their Google Slides presentation for viewers to view, thanks to immediate access to a fast internet connection. It is simple to watch, listen to, and analyze videos.

How to add a YouTube video to Google Slides

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to add a YouTube video to your presentation easily.

Open google chrome and click on your profile picture.

Click on square made of nine dots and open it. Select slides.

Open your Google Slides presentation you want to add videos to in your Google Drive. To open your presentation, double-click on it.

Select the slide you want to include the video on by clicking and selecting it. Click on insert in the upper toolbar.

Click on videos option to open it.

You will be given three distinct embedded video choices when you click an Insert video box on your screen.

Click on the Search tab to search through YouTube’s video selection,

Click on the By URL to copy and paste a YouTube link, or Click on Google Drive to insert a video saved onto your Google Drive.


Click on search

Type your video and search it.

All the searched video will be listed. Select yours and click on it.

The video is inserted.


Click on by URL.

Open YouTube and play a video.

Click on share.

Copy the URL.

Go to YouTube and paste the URL of the embedded video you want into a new tab. Paste your copied URL into the URL field. When you are ready, press Submit.

Edit your embedded video before presenting it to give a professional touch. To watch the embedded video, simply click on it. Around the embedded video, a blue box with handles will appear. Drag and drop the blue handles to change the video's size and location on your Google Slide by dragging it around.

Other portions, such as "Size & Rotation," "Location," and "Drop Shadow," are welcome to modify the options.

I have set mine

Under the Format choices tab on the right toolbar, you may also change other video settings.

You can play video according to you like on click, automatically or manually.

You may choose to start the video playback from the beginning or at a specific moment when you embed a YouTube video. You can also determine when your video will finish.

You can also mute your video if you do not want the sound. The majority of your embedded video's playback will be controlled in this sidebar via the “Video Playback” section.

The options you can customize in this section are −

Play (On Click) − Select this option to have your video play only when you click.

Play (Automatically) − Use this option to have your video automatically play when the slide shows up.

Play (Manual) − If you just want the film to play when you press Play, choose this setting.

Start At − Enter the time here if you want your video to play at a certain time. For example, enter “03:00” to make your video begin at 3 minutes.

End At − You may set the time at which your video will stop playing with this feature.

Mute Audio − If you do not want your video's sound in your presentation, select this option.

You do not have to do anything to ensure your video edits stay in the presentation because Google Slides saves your changes automatically.


Before presenting your speech to a real audience, practice it. Know ahead of time which slides contain embedded videos and make sure they are relevant to your message's context. Make sure that the venue has enough bandwidth and an Internet connection to handle your slides.

By adding multimedia material to your presentations, you can make them more interesting. Have fun!