How to Add a Custom Thumbnails to a YouTube Video using YouTube mobile App?

YouTube thumbnails are the first impression of your content. YouTube thumbnails are small, clickable images, that are visible to audiences when they search for videos, they are equally important as a video’s title and description because they provide a preview of the video and motivate viewers to click them. Thumbnails are like the cover of the book. A book is judged by its cover and a good cover compels everyone to purchase it. An ordinary or YouTube-suggested thumbnail, will not attract viewers to watch the video. An impressive and amazing thumbnail makes a huge difference in the ranking of a video. Creating vibrant YouTube thumbnails instantly grabs the attention of viewers and this can differentiate your videos on a platform which is full of standard thumbnails.

When a video is uploaded, YouTube randomly selects one of the frames of the video and sets it as the video’s thumbnail. This image will be seen by viewers when they will come across your video in the search results or the recommendations list. These thumbnails are ordinary-looking images. So, to make the video more attractive the creator needs to make an impressive thumbnail.

the message of your video with the enticing video thumbnail.

How to add a Custom Thumbnail to a YouTube Video using App

When YouTube selects the thumbnail automatically from the content frame, there is a great chance that the video thumbnail will not be able to capture its essence and deliver the message to viewers. It will not be attractive enough to grab the viewers. Therefore, if a creator is serious about improving the channel statistics and wants to get many views, he should consider swapping YouTube’s default solution of thumbnails for customized thumbnails.

When a channel has attractive thumbnails, that channel will get more video clicks. And the attractive thumbnail is directly proportional to bringing more views, traffic, and revenue.

There are several ways to change the thumbnail for the video. If you do not have a computer with you, you can also change the thumbnail of your video via smartphone. Let us see how to do it using a smartphone.

  • If you are a long-time YouTuber, then you must be knowing YouTube Studio App already. However, if not, then download and install the YouTube Studio app. iOS users can download it from iTunes, and Android users can download it from Google Play.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed it, go to the app, and select the video which you want to change. Tap on three dots to edit.
  • Tap on the edit video from the list of options.
  • Tap on the pencil icon to add thumbnail.
  • Tap on the Custom thumbnail to add a customized thumbnail.
  • Select the custom thumbnail from mobile gallery an select it.

  • The thumbnail is changed. Click on Save.

  • The customized thumbnail is changed and uploaded, to boost the channel views. You can see final outcome while playing the video.

Advantage of customized thumbnail

If you are a YouTuber by profession, then grabbing the audience's attention is your aim. You must know the importance of customized YouTube thumbnails. Some of the advantages of Customized YouTube thumbnails are −

  • Thumbnails increase YouTube channel videos' interactivity for rapid growth.

  • A quick snapshot of videos is a good thumbnail, which can effectively and timely communicate with video content directly.

  • The foremost source of traffic on YouTube is the perfect video thumbnail, which compels the viewers to watch your videos.

  • One can quickly spread awareness.


In a nutshell, one can say that a great, well-designed, and powerful thumbnail made from attractive colours should reflect the stunning and standing-out video content on the channel for growth. A good video is a mixture of many ingredients, the thumbnail is one of them. So, just do not use YouTube recommended frame as a thumbnail, customize it.

It can be said there is no question that one should not be using custom thumbnails if you know that it is the best possible chance of success for your videos.