How to unlist the youtube Video

Whether personal, professional or out of passion, the YouTube channel is the best platform for sharing videos. Sometimes creators don’t wish to share the video with every one, across the web or might be creators just want to clean up early uploads on the timeline. Older YouTube videos may need to be hidden, unlisted, or even deleted to keep the channel up-to-date. To facilitate this feature YouTube allows creators to set uploaded video’s privacy settings as private, unlisted and public allowing. You have the options to choose who has access to view it.

The YouTube unlisted means that a video can be viewed only by the users having the link to it. Private settings allow the creator to share the link only to those whom the creator wants to share. Public sharing means everyone can share and view the video. In this article, we will see how to make YouTube videos unlisted. Unlisted means, keeping videos visible to users who have the link to them, while hiding them from your channel list and YouTube search results. Anyone having that link can view the video.

How to upload an unlisted video

Follow the method mentioned below stepwise to make an unlisted YouTube video 

Log in to your YouTube channel. Click on your profile image.

Click on Your channel

Click on  to upload a new video.

Click on Upload Video

Click on Select files and select the file to be uploaded.

Select the file. Click Open and Uploading will start.

Once Uploaded add the title, description thumbnail and every other detail of the video by clicking Next.

In the Visibility option, you have Save or Publish heading and it has three options. Select Unlisted for your video.

Once you have selected unlisted, click Save on the right bottom corner and your video is published.

You will get a dialogue box, from where you can directly share your link to social media. You can also copy the link from here.

How to edit old uploaded video to Unlisted

Follow the method mentioned below stepwise to edit old uploaded videos to unlisted YouTube videos -

Log in to your YouTube channel. Click on your profile image.

Click on Your channel

Click on Your Videos.

The channel content page will open, check the video you want to edit.

Click on the Visibility option. Click on the drop - down beside it.

You can see the Save button is grey, Select Unlisted from the drop down.

As soon as you select the visibility, the save button will turn blue. Click on the Save button.

Your video is changed to unlisted.

How to Share Your Unlisted Video

To share the unlisted video, just share the published video link with anyone. The people having the link to the video can also share and re-share the link in several ways. It can be shared on social media accounts or just forwarded among friends.


Now, as you know what unlisted means on YouTube, consider this option while uploading a video. It helps in retaining the privacy of the video.