How to remove and add new YouTube video thumbnail using YouTube Mobile editor?

Your content's initial impression is the YouTube thumbnail. While viewers search for videos, YouTube Thumbnails are tiny, clickable pictures that serve as a preview of the video and entice people to click them. They are just as necessary as the video's title and description. Viewers will not be attracted to watch the video if a thumbnail is derived from ordinary or YouTube. The rankings of a video are drastically affected by an excellent and amazing thumbnail. With a platform full of standard thumbnails, creating vibrant YouTube Thumbnails instantly attracts attention from viewers and this may set your videos apart.

YouTube chooses one of the frames from a video and crops it as the video's thumbnail when it is uploaded. When your video appears in the search results or the recommendations list, viewers will see this picture. Ordinary images from videos are presented in these thumbnail displays.

Three animated thumbnails are generated by default when you upload a video to YouTube, each of which contains some portion of your video.

What is a Customized thumbnail?

Grabbing the audience's attention is your goal if you are a YouTuber by profession. Customized YouTube thumbnails do this job perfectly. Some of the advantages of Customized YouTube thumbnails are −

  • Thumbnail interactions help YouTube channels grow quickly by boosting engagement.

  • A good thumbnail is a quick overview of videos, which can effectively and promptly connect with video material.

  • The ideal video thumbnail, which attracts viewers to watch your videos, is the most important source of traffic on YouTube.

  • With the intriguing video thumbnail, you can quickly spread your video's awareness and message.

How to remove a default Thumbnail and add a new thumbnail to a YouTube Video using YouTube Studio App?

There is a high chance that the video thumbnail will be unable to capture its essence and convey the message to viewers if YouTube selects it automatically from the content frame. It will not be attractive enough to hold someone's attention. As a result, a creator should consider changing YouTube's default thumbnail solution for premium thumbnails if he wants to enhance the channel statistics and gain additional views.

A channel with appealing thumbnails will receive more video clicks. In addition, increasing views, traffic, and revenue are directly proportional to the attractiveness of the thumbnail.

The thumbnail for the video may be modified in a variety of ways. You can also modify the thumbnail of your video on your mobile phone if you do not have a computer with you. Let us see how to do it using a smartphone.

  • Once you have downloaded and installed it, go to the app and double click on it to open.

  • Click on content down below the screen of mobile.

  • Select the video whose thumbnail is to be changed. Tap on three dots to edit.

  • Tap on the edit video from the list of options to edit thumbnail.

  • Tap on the pencil icon which is on the old thumbnail at the left corner of the screen to add a new thumbnail.

  • Tap on the Custom thumbnail to add a customized thumbnail.

  • Select the custom thumbnail from the mobile gallery and select it.

  • The thumbnail is changed. Click on Done.

  • Again, save the thumbnail.

  • The thumbnail is getting saved.

  • The customized thumbnail is changed and uploaded, to boost the channel views. You can see the final output while playing the video.


To put it another way, an excellent, well-designed, and potent thumbnail created from appealing hues should display the channel's amazing and attention-grabbing video material for promotion. The thumbnail is one of the ingredients in a good video. Therefore, simply modify the recommended frame rather than utilize it as a thumbnail. If you know that using custom thumbnails is the best possible chance of success for your videos, there can be no question that you should not be doing it.