How to add horizontal borders only in specific range in Excel

Borders in Excel

In Excel, the lines that make up a cell's border are referred to as "boxes." By maintaining borders, we are able to frame any data and give it a defined boundary in an appropriate manner. You can highlight specific values by outlining summarised values or separating data into ranges of cells; additionally, you can place borders around individual cells.

Add horizontal borders only in specific range in excel

In a normal situation, we are able to quickly and easily add a Bottom border and a Top border for a selected range by clicking the appropriate Border button on the Home page, On the other hand, there are situations when you have to add all horizontal borders to the range, including the middle line horizontally.

Before entering data into cells, you can add top and bottom borders to the first row in the specific range. After that, you can use the Fill Handle feature in Excel to apply the format of the first row to the remaining rows in the required range. You also have the following options −

Step 1

Make sure that the first row is selected in the particular range where you will only be adding horizontal borders.

Step 2

On the Home tab, select Font option. you may add a top and bottom border by clicking the arrow next to the Border button, then selecting Top and Bottom Border from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Now, we will see the top and bottom borders are applied to the selected range of cells as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 4

Position the mouse pointer in the bottom-right corner of the currently chosen row. When you see a cross-shaped cursor, drag the Fill handle to the rows to which you want to apply the Top and Bottom border.

Step 5

You will then notice that only horizontal borders have been applied in the particular range in Excel as seen in the below screenshot.


This article helps you to understand how to add horizontal borders only in specific range of cells in excel.

Updated on: 12-Sep-2022


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