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How to Copy and Paste Without Borders in Excel?

When we copy data with borders in Excel and paste it in another location on the same sheet or another sheet, the borders are automatically copied with the data. If you want to copy the data without borders, it can be a problem. If we try to remove the borders after pasting every time, then it can be a waste of time if we are copying the data multiple times. So, we need a faster process by which we can paste the data without borders, even though we copied the data with borders.

Read this tutorial to learn how you can copy and paste without borders in Excel. We complete this task more quickly and efficiently by using Excel's paste special function. Borders can be used to apply structure. The use of borders helps to highlight the totals and separate them from the other data. Borders can be applied to all four sides of a cell or to individual sides of a cell.

Copy and Paste Without Borders in Excel

Here, we will first copy the data and then use the paste special to complete our task. Let us look at a simple procedure to learn how to copy and paste without borders in Excel.

Step 1

Consider an Excel sheet with some cells that have borders similar to the image below.

Now select the data you want to copy and use the command CTRL + C to copy the cells, and click on an empty cell, then right-click and click on "Paste Special" and select Paste Special to open the pop-up as shown in the below image.

Select data > CTRL + C > Right click > Paste special > Paste special

Step 2

Then click on all except borders and click OK to complete our task.


In this tutorial, we used a simple example to demonstrate how you can copy and paste without borders in Excel.