Google Keep Alternatives

What is Google Keep?

Google Keep is a free app from Google which has existed since a decade. Google Keep is an app which can be used to take notes. The tool is easy to use and has advanced features because of which many users like to use it. The user interface of Google Keep is simple in comparison to other note-taking apps like Evernote.

Price Plans of Google Keep

Google is a free app from Google and there are no price plans and no premium version.

Why Google Keep alternatives?

There are many disadvantages of Google Keep and some of them have been listed here −

  • Organization of notes is not easy

  • Text formatting features do not exist

  • Desktop app is not available

  • Shared notes can be accessed without any restrictions

  • It can cause syncing issues

  • Notebooks do not exist

  • Limit of characters is 20,000

How to choose a Google Keep Alternative?

Google Keep comes with a lot of features and benefits and users who look for an alternative should know about them −

  • Performance is fast

  • Compatible with all apps of Google

  • Free to use

  • Notes can be accessed from any device

  • Documents can files can be added

  • Unlimited notes can be added

  • Reminders are also available

Top 10 Google Keep Alternatives

Google Keep has many alternatives and some of them have been described here in detail.

Alternative 1 – ClickUp

ClickUp is an app which can be used to manage projects and daily tasks. It is considered as one of the best alternatives for Google Keep. ClickUp comes with a lot of useful features like document editor, Chrome extension, and Notepad Tool, along with a mobile app. The app is free to use and users can store unlimited notes.


  • Multiple note-taking tools available

  • 1,000 integrations can be done

  • The app comes with advanced productivity features

  • A lot of customizable templates available


  • All workflow views cannot be accessed from the mobile app

  • Users have to learn the customization features

Alternative 2 – Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note is another advanced alternative to Google Keep. The app allows its users to create standard notes and manage different types of projects. Other features useful features of this app include task management, building client portals, and collaboration between different teams, platforms, and organizations.


  • A single standard not can have images, text, video, audio, and other types of files

  • Embed option can put your pages on different websites

  • Notes can be arranged in a desired manner

  • Tasks can be managed through tables

  • Can integrate with 1,000 apps like Excel, YouTube, Google Docs, etc.


  • App has a lot of features which have to be learned

  • Pages cannot be arranged in folders

  • Translation process is long

Alternative 3 – Evernote

Evernote is an application which comes with a variety of features. The tool allows its users to create personalized messages with the help of readymade numerous templates. People having an iPad can use the stylus to write their notes. The editor in the Evernote tool keeps your notes in sorted order. Notes can be managed by categorizing them. OCR is another feature which helps to extract text from images.


  • Notes can be synchronized easily on all platforms

  • Hierarchical arrangement of notes can be done

  • The price of the tool is affordable


  • Free plan has limited features

Alternative 4 – Todoist

Todoist is an app which helps its user in performing task management and taking notes. The app can be used to set priorities, add dates and times for reminders, create filters, make labels, and do a lot of other things. Different sections can be customized to add different types of tasks. You can use the app for tracking the progress of a task or a project.


  • Syncing with different devices is easy

  • The user interface is easy to use

  • Can integrate with third-party applications

  • Text formatting and styling features available


  • Free version has limited features

  • Time tracking tool does not exist

Alternative 5 – Simplenote

Simplenote is developed by Automattic Inc., the developer of WordPress. Simplenote is popular for providing excellent user experience. The user interface is simple and enables you to create lists even when users are offline. After completing the task, these lists can be synchronized after becoming online.


  • Notes can be organized and managed easily

  • Notes can be created or edited in offline mode


  • Limited options for sorting

  • There are fewer options for text formatting and coloring

  • Readymade templates are not available

Alternative 6 – Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking app which can be used if you have a Microsoft account or a paid plan of Microsoft 365 paid plan. The tool is compatible with different types of touch devices and a stylus or pen can be used to take notes. The tool is a part of Microsoft Windows but can also be used separately. Besides Windows, it is compatible with iOS and Android. Labels can be used for the identification of different activities. The powerful editor helps to add text, images, movie clips, and other types of content.


  • Notes can be taken through handwriting and voice

  • Desktop app has customization themes

  • Math assistant is inbuilt

  • Notes can be shared with the help of URLs


  • The tool does not run on Linux

  • Mobile app has less features

  • Sorting features are limited

Alternative 7 – Edworking

Edworking is a tool which helps users in task management and project organization. You can arrange the tasks in categories like to-do, pending, and completed. The app also allows users to communicate with each other with no geographical restrictions. Tasks can be edited through the quick task feature. Unsplash plugin can be used to add images to a task.


  • Tasks can be easily categorized

  • Communication with team members

  • Edit tasks by using the quick task feature


  • No cons yet

Alternative 8 – Notion

Notion is an app which can be used to assign tasks, manage projects, and organize work. There are multiple ways to perform all these tasks. It is a strong replacement for Google Keep. Notion allows users to take notes and add videos, sound clips, images, and other forms of content.


  • Users interface is clean and customizable

  • The tool can be used on iOS and Android devices

  • Collaborative editing is supported

  • The tool can be used while being offline


  • Task management features are not useful

  • PDF annotation feature does not exist

Alternative 9 – Trello

Trello used Kanban board for project management. It is an alternative to Google Keep and helps users to organize their tasks, put deadlines, and add to-do lists. The tool is very helpful for managers and teams. People can use Trello cards to add notes images, videos, and other forms of content.


  • Free plan has a lot of features

  • Track the timeline for projects

  • Drag and drop user interface

  • Real-time collaboration


  • Many note-taking features are unavailable

  • Managing multiple projects is difficult

  • Paid add-ons are needed to use advanced features

Alternative 10 – Workflowy

Workflowy can be used for working on tasks by capturing, organizing, analyzing, and sharing. Your notes will be organized in a hierarchical order. This order can have an infinite number of nested items for each topic which can be expanded and collapsed.


  • The user interface is easy and simple

  • Note-sharing is easy

  • Offline mode available

  • Mobile app available


  • Free version has limited features

  • Fewer formatting features

  • No encryption

  • Calendar and reminder not available


Google Keep is a free tool from Google which can be used to take notes and organize them. The tool does not have the feature of organizing notes and text formatting features do not exist. Many other disadvantages exist with this tool so people can go for alternatives like Evernote,

Updated on: 30-Aug-2023


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