What Are Some of the Best Alternatives to Google Analytics?

Online businesses and online marketers may measure and analyze web traffic and user behavior using Google Analytics, a digital analytics tool provided by Google. Setting a tracking code on your webpage will enable Google Analytics to give you useful ideas about how visitors engage with your product and business, including data on categories, user locations, marketing channels, and visitor activity.

Google Analytics most important characteristics are −

  • Performance analysis − Google Analytics can monitor the number of people visiting your website, their origin, and their behavior while they are there.

  • Monitoring of user activity − Google Analytics tracks user behavior on your webpage, including which web pages visitors see, how frequently they remain there, and which links they click.

In fact, Google Analytics is an effective tool for webmasters and digital marketers who want to maximize their visibility online and boost the efficiency of their businesses. Google Analytics is a vital tool for anybody trying to learn more about the functionality and user behavior of their website thanks to its extensive number of features and easy navigation.

  • GA will not really automatically process all significant interactive features Instead, it's frequently necessary to set up activity tracing through code modifications or using Google Tag Manager, which is challenging and time-consuming. Due to this, there is always a lag between discovering the need to examine a certain activity and receiving the necessary data.

  • GA can really only notify you what people do and not why they do it because it lacks quantitative analytics tools. GA, for instance, can reveal whichever phase of your shopping procedure results in the greatest number of cart closeouts. Nevertheless, there is no method to observe users' sessions, so you are left to speculate on the reason for that.

Best Alternatives to Google Analytics

There are a significant number of alternatives to Google Analytics that provide a variety of features and advantages, despite the fact that it is a well-known and effective online analytics tool. Some of the top Google Analytics substitutes are listed below −

1. Matomo

Matomo is an independent access analytics platform that offers a number of capabilities, such as real-time monitoring, visitor monitoring, and marketing automation. Matomo was originally known as Piwik. Strict privacy protections are also provided, enabling you to maintain your information on your own systems and adhere to safeguarding regulations like the GDPR. Matomo's main characteristics include things like −

  • Analytics in real-time − Matomo offers real-time information on web traffic, enabling you to monitor and examine user activity in true.

  • Site tracking − Matomo enables you to keep track of user activity on your website, as well as user statistics, region, and equipment details.

2. Clicky

Clicky is a good online analytics tool with a user-friendly dashboard and a number of capabilities, such as segmenting visits and real-time statistics, and heat maps. For collecting and monitoring while on the road, it also provides mobile software.

Now with help of the web analytics tool Clicky, webmasters and digital marketers may get current information on the visitors and user activity on their websites. Clicky is renowned for its user-friendly appearance, real-time statistics, and a variety of features made to assist internet companies and marketing specialists improve the user experience and increase the performance of their websites.

Here are a few of Clicky's standout characteristics −

  • Modification − Clicky has a number of customizable features that let you design objectives, dashboards and analytics that are suited to your particular business requirements.

  • Mobile app − Clicky provides mobile software for on-the-go monitoring and evaluation, allowing you to monitor the effectiveness of your internet presence anytime, anywhere.

3. Mixpanel

User monitoring, event tracking, and A/B testing are just a few of the capabilities offered by Mixpanel, a website analytics platform that emphasizes on user retention and involvement. With its software data, it is especially helpful for companies that have mobile apps.

A few of Mixpanel's standout attributes are as follows −

  • Funnels − Mixpanel provides funnel monitoring, enabling you to monitor user activity throughout a sequence of stages and spot user abandonment points in the transfer process.

  • Retention − By tracking user retention as well as involvement over time using Mixpanel, you can spot shortcomings and enhance your customer journey.

  • A/B testing − Using Mixpanel, you can carry out A/B tests to evaluate several iterations of your application or website and determine which one performed best.

  • Notification − Notifications and reminders may be sent to specific users by Mixpanel and are focused on their involvement and activity.

4. Adobe Analytics

An online analytics tool offered by the Adobe Experience Suite, Adobe Analytics. A variety of services are available, such as real-time statistics, transaction monitoring, and guest mapping. Bigger organizations and corporations can benefit the most from it.

The web analytics tool Adobe Analytics provides online marketers and webmasters with information about their audience and user activity. It is a component of the Adobe Experience Cloud, a collection of connected marketing solutions meant to support companies in providing individualized interactions across all mediums.

Adobe Analytics has a number of important functions, including −

  • Customization − A variety of customization possibilities exist with Adobe Analytics, enabling you to design objectives, dashboards, and analyses that are suited to your unique business requirements.

  • Machine learning − Adobe Analytics makes use of machine learning to assist you in finding trends in company data and helping you decide more effectively about your advertising strategies.

5. Kissmetrics

This is a web analytics solution that emphasizes user behavior and guest satisfaction. Cohort analysis, funnel analysis, and A/B testing are just a few of the tools it offers. Organizations that offer products and services via the internet might benefit the most from it.

An online and mobile analytics tool called Kissmetrics assists companies in monitoring, deciphering, and improving user experience and behavior. Kissmetrics emphasizes individual user behavior rather than pages andvisitors like typical web analytics solutions do, giving organizations insight into how particular users engage with business apps and websites.

Key characteristics of Kissmetrics include −

  • Cohort analysis − Kissmetrics provides cohort analysis, which enables you to classify individuals based on shared traits and examine their behavior.

  • Funnels − Using Kissmetrics, you can build and analyze conversion funnels to see where users stall out throughout the converter and where adjustments are possible.

  • Automating behavior − Automate consumer reactions and behavioral styles with Kissmetrics, such as delivering customized notifications to consumers who have departed their shopping carts.

  • A/B testing − You can use Kissmetrics to carry out A/B tests to examine several iterations of your mobile application or website and determine which of these performs best.


For a wide range of characteristics and advantages for online marketers and marketing specialists, there are a number of Google Analytics alternatives. The best options are Matomo, Clicky, Adobe Analytics, Mixpanel, and Kissmetrics.

It's crucial to take into account your company's demands and objectives when selecting a Google Analytics substitute, in addition to the unique qualities and benefits that every tool has to supply. Making data-driven choices that promote development and profitability requires selecting the appropriate analytics software for your company. By doing so, you can learn a lot about the visitors who visit your site and the usage data there.

Updated on: 06-Apr-2023


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