Google Maps Alternatives

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a web service from Google which helps the users to find geographical directions and sites all over the world. You can have a satellite view of different regions along with road, rail, and air routes. The Google Maps API helps in communication between different software applications. Google Maps are suitable for different devices like desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc.

Cost of Google Maps

Google Maps can be used without paying any charges. You can find directions through GPS, or locate your destination. Google Maps can also be used to book cabs to reach your destination.

Why there is a need for Google Maps Alternatives?

The main reason that people look for Google Maps alternatives is privacy. All the browsing data of users is stored which can be used by other apps for advertising purposes. If you are concerned about privacy, it is better to look for alternatives to Google Maps

How to choose a Google Maps Alternative?

You need to be aware of the features of Google Maps as it will help you to choose an alternative easily. Some of the major features of Google Maps are as follows −

  • Google Maps allows you to save your favorite locations

  • Get accurate directions about your destination from the source

  • Get live traffic updates to change the route if needed

  • Use the feature of indoor maps to explore airports, malls, stadiums etc.

Top 10 Google Maps Alternatives

Google Maps has a good reputation but privacy issues compelled people to look for alternatives. Some of these alternatives have been discussed here.

Alternative 1 – OsmAnd

OsmAnd comes with an offline mobile app so there is no need to be connected to the internet all the time. You can find toll roads and street lighting through the tool. You can select multiple stops along with the routes that you want to avoid. You have the option of customizing the user interface as per your requirements. For certain locations, you may have to download maps and the free version allows only 7 downloads.


  • Free to use

  • Offline maps are available

  • The tool is updated frequently


  • Provides alerts regarding traffic

  • String privacy practices

  • Has compliance with the GDPR rules and regulations


  • Poor performance

  • Long load times

Alternative 2 – HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo is not as popular as Google Maps but it has covered more than 200 countries over its experience of 37 years. You have the options of viewing the maps through different views like satellite, transit, traffic, or classic. You can get detailed routes to your destinations. You can also get the details of construction sites, camera placement, police availability, etc.


  • Provides details of routes of places to visit

  • Offline access to maps

  • Calculates the costs of all the nearby public transport


  • Simple user interface

  • Free of cost

  • Provides traffic data of some cities


  • Behavioral ads are frequent

  • Route planning features are not available

  • Adding stops is difficult

Alternative 3 – OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap is a web-based mapping service which has the service of accurate route planning and detailed maps for reaching destinations. This is an open-source tool where you are allowed to extend its database. You can download the maps and save them on your mobile. The tool will not track your data if it is not allowed.


  • Behavioral ads are not displayed

  • Free and easy to use

  • Provides public transport cost after calculation


  • User interface is easy to use

  • You can access maps while being offline

  • Real-time traffic data is always available


  • Mobile app is not available

  • Data is available for a few number of queries

Alternative 4 – Apple Maps

Apple Maps comes with a lot of features. The tool is available for small and medium-sized businesses. The tool helps you to save addresses, select stops, gives traffic signal information, and many more. The tool can be installed only on devices having iOS and MacOS. The app respects the privacy of your data and it is not leaked. Customization of routes cannot be done through this app.


  • Map data can be downloaded offline

  • 3D building views

  • Get alerts about traffic signals


  • Sleek design

  • Data privacy is respected

  • Has most of the features as desired by the users


  • Can be installed on only iOS and MacOS devices

  • Map features are not good

  • Route customization feature is not available

Alternative 5 – Navmii

Navmii can be easily downloaded on your smartphone and used easily. The app provides behavioral analysis of drivers and lets them know about hazards like collisions The app also let the drivers know about speed limits. If the road and traffic conditions are changed, the app will reroute the destination automatically. Data privacy standards are followed to keep the data secured.


  • Can be used easily for commercial and personal purposes

  • Sleek design and elements

  • Free to use


  • Smooth features and design

  • Possible hazards are displayed

  • AI-driven features are also available


  • Updates are slow

  • App often crashes

  • Search feature can be improved

Alternative 6 – Bing Maps

Bing Maps is beneficial for small delivery businesses The drivers or the businesses can download the app before starting their journey. The app has many features like 3D views, traffic overlay, and this makes it a strong competitor for Google Maps. Transit maps and road street side layers are also available.

Windows 10 is needed to use the app offline.


  • User interface is very simple

  • Detailed maps are provided

  • Places can be easily saved in the Bing library


  • Maps can be used offline

  • 3D views are available

  • Add stops in a route


  • There is no mobile app

  • No trip planner available

  • Very less tools and features

Alternative 7 – Waze Maps

Waze Maps Is an application which you can use to plan routes for your destination. Google purchased it in 2013 because of its excellent user experience. The app has features which let the drivers know about traffic changes, congestion, speed traps, and many more things. You will also be able to know shortcut routes to your destination. The app can also be easily integrated with mobile music apps.


  • Real-time updates are available

  • Location of a Waze user can be tracked easily

  • Interactive system


  • Mobile music apps can be integrated

  • Route sharing feature available

  • Real-time traffic data is provided


  • Google is the owner

  • Multiple stops cannot be added

  • Includes ads

Alternative 8 – MapQuest

MapQuest has a clean user interface which provides accurate navigation information. If you have a delivery business and you have to stop at various places, MapQuest will allow you to add 26 stops on your route. MapQuest can prepare route directions which include distance, fuel costs, and many other information. Latest technology is used to keep the application responsive and streamlined


  • The interface is user-friendly

  • Modern technology is used by the app

  • Accurate navigation


  • The app can provide 26 stops per route

  • Estimated fuel cost is also shown by the app

  • Unique features in comparison to Google Maps


  • Many ads are available in the web version

  • Less features regarding route planning

Alternative 9 – is a mapping app which is considered as one of the excellent alternatives to Google maps. The app has the feature of offline navigation. You can save your mobile data easily and use the map. The web version of the app allows you to choose different categories and add filters so that exact location of the destination can be found.


  • The app can be used for free

  • Locations can be saved and bookmarked

  • Maps can be accessed offline


  • Hiking and bicycle trails are displayed

  • Work offline in 345 countries

  • Points of interest can be browsed easily


  • Data privacy is an issue

  • Too many ads

  • Location is not provided by business name

Alternative 10 – Rand Mcnally

Rand McNally is a mapping app which is liked by the truck drivers. The app is user-friendly and has many features and functionalities. The app is free to use. The app provides detailed maps which include unknown walking trails, water bodies, and many other things. You can also save the location to your library for future use.


  • Maps are more detailed in comparison to Google Maps

  • Zoom tool is fast

  • Location can be easily saved


  • The app is user-friendly

  • The app can be used without making any payment


  • Mobile app is not available

  • Less features in comparison to other mapping apps


Google Maps comes with a lot of features which compel people to know about their destination. Data privacy is the main issue which lets people search for alternatives. There are many alternatives to Google Maps which come with a lot of features and provide detailed maps. Some of them can also be used offline.

Updated on: 05-Apr-2023


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