Google Analytics Alternatives

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a part of the Google Marketing platform. Google Analytics provides statistics for SEO. It also includes analytical tools to provide analytics of a website. The service is available for free and anybody can use it to get progress report of their website. The tool is a great option for providing analytics report to small and medium retailers and websites. The analytics help in getting details of marketing activities and success of campaigns.

Cost of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is available for free of cost. The paid plan for Google Analytics is $12,500 per month or $150,000 per year.

Why there is a need for Google Analytics Alternatives?

There are many reasons that users want to look for alternatives to Google Analytics. Some of these reasons are as follows −

  • Data reporting is limited

  • Privacy issues

  • User interface is not user-friendly

  • The tool is highly technical

  • It lacks behavioral insights

How to choose a Google Analytics Alternative?

Google Analytics has many features which will help you to know about the progress of your website, lead generation, traffic, and many other things. Google Analytics has some limitations because of which you may look for an alternative. The alternative should have the following features −

  • Traffic reporting

  • Keyword referrals

  • Conversion tracking

  • Custom dashboards

  • Flow visualization

Top 10 Google Analytics Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Google Analytics and we will discuss some of the popular ones here in detail

Alternative 1 – Matomo

Matomo is a tool that provides privacy to its users. It has more than one million websites that check for analytics. The tool is popular in 190 countries. Matomo is preferred by big organizations like NASA, the United Nations, and European Commission, etc. Matamo is a free on-premise analytics tool but its cloud service is paid.


  • Maomo provides real-time data

  • Popular in more than 190 countries

  • Open-source software


  • Data ownership is 100 percent

  • Platform independent

  • Is more capable in providing analytics in comparison to others


  • Matotmo is not able to integrate with Google properties

Alternative 2 – TinyAnalytics

TinyAnalytics is considered as one of the best analytics tools which have the ability to provide accurate data analytics. No cookies are required to work on this tool. It has a free plan through which you can have 50,000 page views. The TinyAnalytics stores all the tracking information which is never used for commercial purposes.


  • Uses privacy law of the UK

  • The tool can be used easily

  • Offers more accurate data

  • Data is more accurately generated than Google Analytics

  • No cookies are used

  • All tracking data is stored privately


  • User interface needs improvement

Alternative 3 – Plausible Analytics

Plausible Analytics is an open-source tool which takes care of the users' privacy. Plausible embeds a JavaScript code in your website to start its work. The tool makes sure that your stored data is private by default. You will have the option to make it public.


  • Provides analytics on a single page

  • Loads faster than Google Analytics

  • Cookies are not required


  • Can be hosted in the EU

  • Script is lightweight and is less than 1KB

  • The tool can be self-hosted


  • It cannot be used on an enterprise level

  • Pricing is done on the basis of number of page views which is a complex process

Alternative 4 – Fathom Analytics

Fathom Analytics is a tool that provides privacy protection. The tool is considered as one of the best alternatives for Google Analytics. The tool is open source and you can use it easily to analyze your website, its traffic, lead generation, and many more things.


  • Easy to use

  • User-friendly interface

  • Data can be exported

  • Real-time data is provided when visitors are visiting your website


  • Ability to collect data for all users

  • Data is routed through EU isolation

  • Website data is collected anonymously


  • Data tracking features are not as advanced as Google Analytics

Alternative 5 – Smartlook

Smartlook is an analytics tool which is being used by more than 200,999 businesses. It tracks the number of visitors who visited the website along with the actions that they have taken. It has many unique features which will help you to understand.


  • Advanced software than Google Analytics

  • A user behavior tool

  • Used by more than 200,000 businesses


  • There is a combination of qualitative and quantitative analytics

  • The tool has heatmaps, funnel, and dashboard

  • Email reporting


  • User acquisition data is not generated

  • Traffic tracking is not good in comparison to Google Analytics

Alternative 6 – Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics is a data visualization and analytics tool whose servers are available in the Netherlands. The software has the ability to gather only necessary data from the visitors Another feature is that the tool takes care of the privacy of your website visitors. No data is stored if Do Not Track is enabled.


  • Enabling the Do Not Track feature does not store any data

  • Only necessary data is collected from the users

  • The tool ensures privacy


  • Does not use cookies

  • Ability to bypass adblocker

  • The tool consists of an iOS app


  • Advanced analytics features are not available

  • Only specific statistics is available

Alternative 7 – Indicative

Indicative is another alternative to Google Analytics. The first priority of Indicative tool is privacy of the user data. The software is considered as an omnichannel customer journey analytics platform which consists of all your data sources and marketing channels. The tool also complies with EU-US privacy laws and standards


  • Priority is given to privacy of user data

  • The tool has all the data sources and marketing channels

  • It is abided by EU-US privacy laws


  • Easy to implement and use

  • The user interface has drag and drop feature

  • Cohort analysis


  • A little costlier than Google Analytics

  • Difficult to learn

  • Less help content is available regarding the usage of the tool

Alternative 8 – Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is an analytics tool which will enable you to get a full customer journey regarding your website. The tool also has the ability to map every action that each user takes on your website. The tool supports two industries which include SaaS and E-commerce. You can connect to your data on a single page even if it is received from different data sources.


  • The tool has a customizable dashboard

  • Cohort analysis is available in this tool

  • The tool has many add-ons


  • Shows the entire customer journey

  • A/B test feature is available

  • Cohort and funnel report


  • UI is hard to understand

  • Data export takes a lot of time

  • It is an expensive tool because it is of enterprise level

Alternative 9 – GoSquared Web Analytics

GoSquared is one of the excellent alternatives for Google Analytics. The tool includes a pinging technology that calculates the amount of time a visitor visits your website. The report provided by this tool is more accurate in comparison to Google Analytics.


  • Includes Live chat feature to boost sales

  • Dashboard updates are real-time

  • Gives priority to privacy


  • Integrates with third-party tools

  • REST API is fully documented

  • Mobile reporting feature is available


  • Mobile reporting is not advanced

  • It is not easy to get retroactive data

Alternative 10 – Splitbee

Splitbee provides streamlined data analytics. It is an analytics and conversion platform which will help you to get insights related to the journey of the visitors on your website. You can also use the tool for the automation of your conversions. The following processes can be automated

  • Sending emails

  • Using webhooks

  • Receiving notifications


  • Data analytics is streamlined

  • Conversions can be automated

  • Get details of customer journey


  • User interface is clean and easy to use

  • The tool can be easily implemented

  • The tool also has a free plan


  • The tool provides only basic data

  • The tool has expensive price plans

  • Cheaper alternatives with advanced features are available


Google Analytics is an easy-to-use tool which provides analytics related to your website. You can look for different alternatives as the data provided by Google Analytics is not accurate. Some tools have advanced data features and provide accurate data.

Updated on: 05-Apr-2023


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