Google Photos Alternatives

What is Google Photos?

Google Photos was launched in 2015 and is used to store photos, videos, screenshots and other types of media. It is one of the best platforms to store all kinds of media and help to free the space on your mobile. The platform is compatible with the Android and iOS devices.

Cost of Google Photos

You can store up to 15GB data for free. If you want more space, you will have to make payment depending on how much storage space you need. The prices are as follows −

  • $1.99 per month for 100GB of storage,

  • $2.99 per month for 200GB, or

  • $99.99 per year for 2TB.

Why there is a need for Google Photos Alternatives?

Google Photos provides a storage space of 15GB for free. You will have to make payment if you need more space. If you are not satisfied with the plans. You can look for different alternatives of the Google platform.

How to choose a Google Photos Alternative?

Google Photos platform comes with many features and you will have to look for them in the alternatives of your choice. Some of the features are as follows −

  • Edit photos or videos

  • Create collage

  • Restore deleted files

  • Add photos to an album automatically

  • Photos can be displayed through slideshow

  • Download entire albums

Top 10 Google Photos Alternatives

Alternative 1 – FlickrPro

FlickrPro is a free alternative to the Google Photos. You have the option of storing at least 1000 pictures and videos for free. The platform is compatible with Android, iOS and Mac devices. The free space can be used very quickly by the professional photographers but they can go for monthly, bi-monthly, and yearly subscription for unlimited storage. The platform supports only JPG and PNG files.


  • You can design your own photostream

  • Brand can be easily customized

  • Can integrate with third party apps easily


  • Easy to use

  • Unlimited storage upgrade is simple

  • Photo-centric platform


  • Storage of 1,000 files can be used very fast

  • Support limited file types

Alternative 2 – IDrive

IDrive is one of the best cloud storage platforms and an excellent choice as an alternative for Google Photos. It is a great option for business users as it has a lot of storage options and security features. IDrive provides 5GB storage which can be upgraded to 5TB and 10 TB. Auto Camera feature is available to back up all the pictures automatically. The pictures can be synced with many devices. If data from your mobile is deleted, you can get the backup from the IDrive.


  • Auto Camera feature is available to store pictures automatically

  • Storage space can be upgraded up to 10 TB

  • Can sync with different types of devices


  • Free version available

  • Different types of storage options available

  • Auto Camera feature


  • The upgrade option is not affordable

Alternative 3 – pCloud

pCloud provides lifetime subscription to its users. You need to make payment only once and access the platform for lifetime. The cheapest plan costs $175 and you will get a storage space of 500GB. The cost of 2TB storage is $350.Your photos and videos will be uploaded automatically to the cloud. The platform also provides 256-bit encryption for all the stored files.


  • Management tools available for versioning, and data recovery

  • Only one payment has to be made for lifetime subscription

  • Affordable than Google Photos


  • Lifetime subscription by making payment only once

  • Files are secured by 256-bit encryption

  • Social media backups


  • Add-on services are missing

  • No document editor available

Alternative 4 – NordLocker

NordLocker is an excellent alternative to the Google Photos. The platform provides secured cloud storage The platform provides the feature of dragging and dropping the photos and videos for storage. The files are protected by end-to-end encryption. For accessing your files, you just need to login to your NordLocker account through a Windows or Mac PC. The cloud storage also has backup and recovery future which will help you to extract all the pictures if they are lost.


  • Back and recovery feature

  • Files are secured through end-to-end encryption

  • Supports only Windows and Mac devices


  • Very secure cloud platform

  • Pro version is affordable


  • Does not support Android and iOS platforms

  • Free storage space is very low

Alternative 5 – Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is considered as a carbon copy of Google Photos. The user interface is same as its Google counterpart and it is a best option to be sued by beginners. Amazon Photos compresses the store pictures for the retention of resolution. Prime members can store unlimited pictures and they also get 5GB space to store videos. If you are not a prime member, you will get 5GB storage space to store pictures and videos.


  • Best option for beginners

  • Non-prime users can store 5GN of data

  • Prime users will also get unlimited storage space for five family members


  • Prime users get great benefits

  • Search feature is powerful


  • Non-prime users will get limited storage option

Alternative 6 – Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is one of the best storage platforms for photos and videos The platform has the feature of integrating the photos to the image editing apps. The stored files stored in this platform are secured through encryption. The platform is expensive and you have to pay $9.99 to $29.99 to get additional storage space.


  • All the stored files are secured

  • Maximum storage capacity is 1TB

  • RAW file storage feature is also available


  • Can integrate with all the creative cloud app

  • Fonts and other services can be accessed easily


  • Storage capacity is low

  • Expensive cloud platform

Alternative 7 – Apple Photos

People having Apple devices can use Apple Photos to store their media files like screenshots, pictures, and videos. It is an affordable option in comparison to Google Photos and is highly secured. You can find Apple Photos pre-installed on Apple devices. Apple Photos is integrated with the iCloud ecosystem that provides good options with good storage space. The Apple Photos is compatible with MacOS, iOS and iPadOS.


  • The platform can work on MacOS and iOS

  • Its price is low in comparison to Google Photos

  • It is integrated with iCloud ecosystem


  • Files are encrypted and secured

  • Can be synced easily with Apple devices

  • Upgrade plans are affordable


  • Not compatible with Windows and Android OS

  • Free storage space is of only 5GB

Alternative 8 – Dropbox Pro

Drop is among the first cloud storage platforms which was launched in early 2000s. It is considered as one of the best alternative to the Google Photos. Drobox is a powerful interface and is easy to use. It provides security to the stored media through encryption. Dropbox+ provides a storage space of 2TBalong with automatic syncing feature.


  • Simple and powerful interface

  • Integration with third party

  • Provides high security


  • Storage plans are affordable

  • Files are encrypted at rest and transition

  • Easy to use


  • Free storage space is 2GB only

Alternative 9 – Degoo

Degoo is less popular but a good alternative to the Google Photos. The free storage space is 100GB and if you want more space, you have to pay $2.99 per month. Another feature is that you can easily login to your Google account through this platform. If you refer Degoo to a friend, you will get additional free storage of 5GB. If your account is inactive, it will be closed within 90 days.


  • Provides more free storage space in comparison to Google Photos

  • Pictures are uploaded without reduction in quality

  • Refer a friend and get 5GB free storage


  • Free storage space is 100GB

  • Upgrade option is affordable


  • Account will be closed within 90 days if it is inactive

  • There are intermittent ads in the app

Alternative 10 – Mega

Mega provides 20GB free storage along with a 5GB signup bonus File sharing and collaboration tools are available in the encrypted messenger that come with tis tool. Mega is suitable for you if you are interested in sharing photos and videos with your family and friends.


  • 20GB free space

  • 5GB signup bonus

  • Encrypted messenger


  • Free space is 20 GB while paid one is 400GB

  • Upgrade plan is affordable

  • File sharing and collaboration is available


  • Not a popular platform


Google Photos is a great option of storing pictures and videos. If you want more space on your mobile, you can transfer all your pictures here. People who are not satisfied with the upgrade plan can look for alternatives.

Updated on: 28-Mar-2023


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