Google AdSense Alternatives

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a way of earning money through online content. The publishers of the content have to show Google ads on their sites for such earnings. There are many businesses that advertise their products and services through AdSense. The site owners earn money according to the number of clicks or ad impressions

Cost of Google AdSense

Google AdSense is free of cost but you will be paid if ads through this system on your site are clicked. You need to sign up to Google AdSense and after approval, ads will be posted on your website.

Why there is a need for Google AdSense Alternatives?

There are many aspects due to which alternatives for Google AdSense are needed. Some of these aspects are discussed below −

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants have to meet certain eligibility criteria to get ads from Google AdSense. There can be situations that your AdSense account will be disabled. This step is taken for fraud control. If you have clicked an ad on your site or have violated other policies, your account will be disabled.

Revenue Share

Advertisements are placed on your website through an automated system. If users click on the ads and make purchases, you will receive only a share of the remuneration. Usually, publishers get 68 percent of the revenue generated from the ads. There are other websites that provide more commission in comparison to Google AdSense

Customization of Advertisements

Some ad networks provide the facility of customizing the ads so that they can be fitted well on your website. You can adjust the color and size of the ads and much flexibility is allowed in comparison to Google AdSense.

How to choose a Google AdSense Alternative?

Here are some of the features that you need to check before choosing a Google AdSense Alternative

  • Commission paid

  • Ad Customization

  • Eligibility criteria

Top 10 Google AdSense Alternatives

There are many alternatives available for Google AdSense and we will discuss the top 10 popular alternatives for the system

Alternative 1 - is run by Bing and Yahoo and it is a popular alternative for Google AdSense. The advertising system offers different types of display ads for mobile and desktop. You can earn the same amount of money that you do with Google AdSense. In order to get ads from, your website should include high-quality blogs along with a clean and professional design of the website. Traffic source also matters to get ads from this advertising network. wants that most of the users of your website should belong to

  • The United States

  • The United Kingdom

  • Canada


  • Native ads available in different sizes

  • Contextual ads available to attract more visitors

  • Mobile responsive ads are suitable for all types of electronic devices

  • User friendly interface

  • Several tools available in suite


  • Free registration and no further payments needed

  • Power dashboard

  • Ads can be fixed to the sticky sidebars


  • Website visitors have to double-click the ads

  • Real time revenue update cannot be done

  • Website traffic required from the US, the UK, and Canada

Alternative 2 - Monumetric

Monumetric is an advertising system which pays special attention to the users who have created the content. The system also takes care that the ads are of high quality and are suitable for your readers and audience. The working model of Monumetric is cost per impression so you will get the payment if visitors see the ads on your page.


  • Set your ad easily

  • Small publishers can generate income immediately

  • High RPM for small publishers

  • A wide variety of ad formats are available

  • Targeting options are very advanced


  • The Monumetric team will set ads for you after approval

  • The ads will not affect the speed of the page

  • A customer support team available for 24/7


  • One-time setup fee is $99

  • 10,000 page views are needed to join the network

  • Application and approval process is very tough and lengthy

Alternative 3 - Adversal

Adversal is a self-service advertising system in which publishers have to purchase and publish ads on their platform. Your ad content will depend on you. People who want to control advertising on their websites can use this service. The interface is easy-to-use and setup process is also easy. Your website needs to have 50,000 page views to become eligible to use Adversal.

Alternative 4 - Mediavine

Mediavine shares 75% of its revenue with bloggers. Mediavine service is suitable for bloggers who write blogs on lifestyle The minimum payout given by this advertising system is $25 for PayPal and $200 for international direct deposit. Your monthly page views should be at least 25,000 to be eligible to use the service.


  • Load times is very fast

  • Configure type of ads

  • Interface is easy to use


  • Excellent customer support and service

  • Advanced technology to enhance user experience

  • Ads are of high quality


  • User experience may suffer due to ad density

  • Mediavine Facebook group is scattered

  • SEO and blogging advice are old and outdated

Alternative 5 - InfoLinks

InfoLinks is an advertising service that is specialized in in-text advertising placement. InfoLinks searches keywords in your blog and provides ads relevant to the content. When a visitor visits your blog and moves the mouse over the special text, the ad pops up. In-text ads are good for blogs as there are more opportunities to place ads in a long text. InfoLinks can monetize any blog without charging any setup fee. The service makes payment every 45 days via PayPal Payoneer, and Western Union.


  • In-text ads consist of keywords specific for a page

  • Infold ads stick to the screen and stay at one place

  • Inframe ads can be added to different pages

  • Intag ads can be found within the content of a blog

  • Ad formats include vides, images, and text


  • Infolinks work conveniently with publishers having AdSense

  • Infolinks approves applications quickly

  • Advertisers can be easily found through contextual targeting ads


  • Low income

  • Sticky ads can be disturbing

  • Control panel is outdated

Alternative 6 - SHE Media

SHE Media is a company which has the specialty of producing content got males and females. If your target audience is female, SHE Media can be considered for monetization. If your website is approved, it will be associated with an organization that promotes female voices. Your website needs to have 20,000 page views to become eligible for monetization.

Alternative 7 - Yllix

Yllix is an ad network which is accessible easily to new publishers. Traffic requirement is not needed and minimum payout is $1 which is done daily. Your website will be approved quickly after you sign up. The ad network offers different types of advertisements which include mobile ads, and desktop ads. It includes banners, anchors, push notifications, popups, anchors, sliders, etc.


  • Multiple types of ads can be created

  • Approval is provided instantly

  • No payment is needed to sue the platform


  • Mobile and desktop traffic can be increased through different types of ads

  • Payouts are excellent

  • Accounts are approved instantly


  • CPM is very low

  • Advanced security not available for advertisers

  • Click is counted when a user purchases the product

Alternative 8 - Adcash

Adcash provides its services to more than 200 million users each month. Almost all types of ads are supported by the system. Placing and customizing ads is very easy. You will also be able to get real-time reports regarding the ads. Adcash follows the model of pay per action. Payouts are given through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and WebMoney. The minimum payout that the system delivers is $25.


  • Self-advertising platform

  • Advertisers and publishers worldwide can use Adcash

  • The platform has different types of ads


  • Users can get real-time statistics and analytics

  • Customer support is excellent

  • Pricing is transparent


  • Payment is based on action and not impression

Alternative 9 - Skimlinks

Skimlinks deals in affiliate marketing and it scans the content on your blog for links. If a link available in your content leads to one of the partners of Skimlinks, it is converted into an affiliate link. When a visitor clicks on the link, you will get 75 percent commission. If users purchase the products through the link, you will get additional payout. Skimlinks is best for those bloggers who do not want to have any ads on their website.


  • Skimlinks is an affiliate marketing platform

  • Access more than 48,000 ecommerce merchants

  • A small JavaScript code can convert the links into affiliate links


  • Availability of a large number of affiliate programs

  • Analytics tools are powerful

  • Low payment threshold


  • Customer support is limited

  • Traditional display ads are not offered

  • 25 percent commission is cut

Alternative 10 - Sovrn//Commerce

Sovrn//Commerce is an alternative for AdSense and it is best for the new publishers. A variety of ads will be displayed on your blog and ads will be selected automatically on the basis of the content in the blog.The advertising network will also provide a reporting portal which will help you in tracking your ads.


  • Offers text ads

  • Regular product links can be converted into affiliate links

  • Dashboard contains tools for analytics and insights

  • Excellent ad network fro affiliate marketers and publishers

  • Multiple ad choices available

  • Minimum traffic requirement is not needed for using the ad network

  • Approval can take a long time

  • Only CPM model is supported

  • ECPM traffic is low from outside the US


There are many other alternatives for AdSense which provide better payout and registering on those services is also very easy. You have to choose the best alternative to monetize your blog.

Updated on: 16-Mar-2023


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