Google Translate Alternatives

What is Google Translate?

Google Translate is a tool from Google which can translate a text into more than 100 languages. The tool is being used by millions of people and it has been estimated that more than 100 billion words are translated per day as per statistics. The app can be used as a website on any browser. A mobile app is also available which can be installed on Android and iOS devices.

Why Google Translate Alternatives?

There are a few disadvantages of Google Translate which can be found in the list below:

  • The meaning of the source sentence may be changed

  • Translation quality depends on the source and language chosen for translation

  • Translated sentences may be grammatically incorrect

  • Translation errors cannot be corrected

  • An Internet connection is required to use the tool

  • Supports only a fixed number of file types

  • The data is not secure

How to choose a Google Translate Alternative?

Google Translate is being used by millions of people because of the following advantages listed below:

  • The tool is available for free

  • Performance of Google Translate is fast

  • Easy and convenient to use

  • Available as a website and mobile app

If you are looking for an alternative to Google Translate, you should consider the availability of these benefits in it.

Top 10 Google Translate Alternatives

Google Translate has many alternatives and some of them have been discussed here in detail.

Alternative 1 − Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is a tool which is available in two versions which are personal and business. The software can be installed on Windows, iOS and Android. You can translate images, texts, screenshots, and voice translations. Currently, translation can be done in more than 60 languages. Microsoft Translator can be integrated with MS Office and Skype. The tool can also be installed on Smartwatches.

Alternative 2 − DeepL

DeepL is a Google Translate alternative and is popular for its accurate translations. One drawback of DeepL is that it works on only 31+ languages. The languages that it supports are European and Chinese along with Japanese, and Korean. The translation result of DeepL is more accurate than Google Translate.

Alternative 3 − ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an AI tool which comes with a user−friendly interface. The speed of generating translation is very fast. The tool can translate text into a variety of languages. The tool is a good option for translation for businesses and individuals. Special terms and complex syntax are difficult to translate. The app can be used on various platforms depending upon API pricing.

Alternative 4 − is an alternative to Google Translate which can translate a text into a variety of languages. supports 27 languages The tool consists of an information button which can be used to get additional information about a translation. can translate single words, sentences, and paragraphs along with long articles. The tool consists of a large number of phrases and synonyms.

Alternative 5 − PROMT.One Translator

PROMT.One translator is another alternative to Google Translate. A single word, block of text, phrases, etc. can be easily translated through the tool. Currently, it supports 20 languages and some of them are:

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

The app is free to use and is compatible with many platforms.

Alternative 6 − Weglot

Weglot is an alternative to Google Translate and is accessed as an app. You can get an accurate translation as the tool uses three providers to translate a text. Weglot can be installed easily and can be used for any website. It has the ability to translate content automatically. The tool can translate a website within a few minutes and the translated versions are set up with new subdomains or directories. The tool also conducts SEO for the translated versions.

Alternative 7 − iTranslate

iTranslate is a tool which can be used to translate websites, text, and articles into 100 different languages. The tool can be installed on different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Google Play, and Kindle Fire. It has the ability to convert Chinese characters into readable words. You can either type a text or speak it for translation. The user interface of the tool is simple and easy to use.

Alternative 8 − SayHi

SayHi is an alternative to Google Translate and has the ability to translate your voice into 90 languages. You just have to record your voice and then set the speed at which the translation has to be done. You can also set whether you want the translation in a male or a female voice. In case the environment is noisy, you can type the text to be translated. The app can be downloaded from Google Play and iTunes.

Alternative 9 − Linguee

Linguee is an excellent alternative to Google Translate. The tool can be used to translate single words, sentences, or paragraphs into different languages. The tool can translate text into 25 languages. The tool can be used online and offline. The tool is being used by European law companies because of the availability of French, German, and Dutch languages. The tool is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android.

Alternative 10 − Amazon Translate

Amazon Translate is a tool which can be used to translate apps and websites. Currently, the tool supports more than 75 languages. Amazon Translate has a free as well as paid version. Yogi can translate around 2 million characters at a time in the free version. The free version of the platform can be used for 12 months only while the free version of Google Translate is available for a lifetime. Paid tier of Amazon Translate is less than Google Translate.


Google Translate is a tool which can be used to translate words, sentences, and paragraphs into more than 100 languages. The translation is sometimes not accurate and meaning can also be changed. An Internet connection is always needed to use the tool. There are many alternatives to Google Translate. Some of them can be used offline and some can be used in the form of apps. Some of these alternatives are DeepL,, Linguee, and many more

Updated on: 11-Jul-2023


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