Current Affairs May 2016 - Various Committees


News 1 - H R Nagendra Committee submitted its recommendations on Yoga Education in Universities

H R Nagendra

The H.R. Nagendra Committee on Yoga Education in Universities, in its report submitted to the Union Government, has recommended seven programs for implementation in universities viz. (i) Certificate Course in Yoga (CCY) of 6 to 12 months duration; (ii) Bachelors of Science (Yoga)-BSc.(Yoga) of 3 to 6 years; (iii) Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga (PGDY) of 1 to 2 years; (iv) Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy(PGDYT) of 1 to 2 years; (v) Masters of Science (MSc.)- Yoga of 2 years to 4 years; (vi) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)-Yoga of 3 to 5 years; and (vii) Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated)- Yoga of 4 to 6 years.

The committee has also prescribed the qualifications for faculty of yoga. The committee has made other recommendations for promotion of yoga in universities. The recommendations of the committee are being examined.

News 2 - Centre forms panel to give recommendations on FRBM roadmap


The Centre has constituted a 5-Member Committee to review and give recommendations on the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM), headed by former Revenue and Expenditure Secretary N.K. Singh. Other members of the Committee are Sumit Bose, former Finance and Revenue Secretary, Dr. Arvind Subramanian, Chief Economic Adviser, Urijit Patel, Deputy Governor, RBI and Rathin Roy, Director, National Institute Public Finance and Policy, NIPFP.

The Committee will examine the need and feasibility of having a ‘Fiscal Deficit Range’ as the target in place of the existing fixed percentage of GDP and make specific recommendations. It will also examine the need and feasibility of aligning the fiscal expansion or contraction with credit contraction or expansion respectively in the economy and submit its report by 31st of October this year.

News 3 - DB Shekatkar Committee constituted to re-look defence spending

DB Shekatkar

The Government has constituted a 11-member committee led by Lieutenant General DB Shekatkar (Retired) to recommend measures to “re-balance” the overall defence expenditure in view of the escalating salary and pension bills. The committee is expected to submit its report by August 2016.

The committee will also identify areas to "rationalize manpower", examine possible areas of multi-tasking by troops and induction of more technology so as to reduce the number of manpower.