CBSE 8th Class Mathematics Syllabus

Course Structure

Units Topics
Term I
1 Rational Numbers
2 Exponents and Powers
3 Squares and Squares Roots, Cubes and Cube Roots
4 Linear Equations in one variable
5 Understanding Quadrilaterals and Constructions
6 Mensuration
Term II
7 Algebraic Expressions, Identities and Factorization
8 Ratio, proportion and percentage
9 Direct and Inverse Proportion
10 Representing 3D in 2D
11 Playing with Numbers
12 Data Handling

Course Syllabus

Unit 1: Rational Numbers

  • Definition and operations on rational numbers
  • Properties on Rational Numbers
  • Representation of rational numbers on number line
  • Finding two or more rational numbers between two given rational numbers
  • Applications of rational numbers in problem solving

Unit 2: Exponents and Powers

  • Exponents
  • Laws of Exponent
  • Application of Laws of Exponents

Unit 3: Squares and Square Roots; Cubes and Cube

  • Introduction to Squares
  • Properties of Squares of natural numbers
  • Square Root of a given number
  • Estimation of square root
  • Applications of square and square root of a number
  • Introduction to Cube of a number
  • Properties of cubes of natural numbers
  • Cube Root of a given number
  • Application of cubes and cube of a number

Unit 4: Linear Equations in One Variable

  • Linear equations
  • Solution of Linear equations
  • Application of Linear equations

Unit 5: Linear Understanding Quadrilaterals and Constructing Quadrilaterals

  • Introduction to term polygon and its types
  • Angle sum property of a polygon
  • Types of Quadrilaterals with their properties
  • Types of parallelograms
  • Construction of Quadrilaterals

Unit 6: Mensuration

  • Area of 2-dimensional figures
  • Area of 3-dimensional figures
  • Volume of 3-dimensional figures
  • Applications of volume and surface area

Unit 7: Algebraic Expressions, Identities and Factorization of algebraic expressions

  • Algebraic expression
  • Multiplication of algebraic expressions
  • Algebraic identities
  • Factorization
  • Division of two algebraic expressions

Unit 8: Comparing Quantities

  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Percentage
  • Profit and Loss
  • Sales Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Compound Interest

Unit 9: Direct and Inverse Proportion

  • Direct Proportion
  • Inverse Proportion
  • Mixed Problems

Unit 10: Representing 3 D in 2 D

  • Identification of 3-D objects
  • Different views of 3-D objects
  • Introduction to Map
  • Polyhedron
  • Euler’s Formula

Unit 11: Playing with Numbers

  • General form of a number
  • Letters for digits (decoding the digits from letters)
  • Divisibility tests

Unit 12: Data Handling

  • Graphical representation of data
  • Group data
  • Histogram
  • Pie Chart
  • Probability

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