CBSE 12th Class Biotechnology Syllabus

Course Structure

Units Topics Marks
V Protein & Gene Manipulation 40
VI Cell Culture & Genetic Manipulation 30
Practical 30
Total 100

Course Syllabus

Unit V: Protein and Gene Manipulation

Chapter 1: Recombinant DNA Technology

  • Introduction
  • Tool of rDNA technology
  • Making rDNA
  • Introduction of recombinant DNA into host cells
  • Identification of recombinants
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
  • Hybridization techniques
  • DNA library
  • DNA sequencing
  • Site-directed mutagenesis

Chapter 2: Protein Structure and Engineering

  • Introduction to the world of proteins
  • 3-D shape of proteins
  • Structure-function relationship in protein
  • Purification of proteins
  • Characterization of proteins
  • Protein based products
  • Designing proteins (protein engineering)

Chapter 3: Genomics and Bioinformatics

  • Introduction
  • Genome sequencing projects
  • Gene prediction and counting
  • Genome similarity
  • SNPs and comparative genomics
  • Functional genomics
  • Proteomics
  • History of bioinformatics
  • Sequences and nomenclature
  • Information sources
  • Analysis using bioinformatics tools

Unit VI: Cell Culture and Genetic Manipulation

Chapter I: Microbial Culture and Applications

  • Introduction
  • Microbial culture techniques
  • Measurement and kinetics of microbial growth
  • Scale up of microbial process
  • Isolation of microbial products
  • Strain isolation and improvement
  • Applications of microbial culture technology
  • Biosafety issues in microbial technology

Chapter II: Plant Cell Culture and Applications

  • Introduction
  • Cell and tissue culture techniques
  • Applications of cell and tissue culture
  • Gene transfer methods in plants
  • Transgenic plants with beneficial traits
  • Biosafety in plant genetic engineering

Chapter III: Animal Cell Culture and Applications

  • Introduction
  • Animal cell culture techniques
  • Characterisation of cell lines
  • Methods of gene delivery into cells
  • Scale-up of animal culture process
  • Applications of animal cell culture
  • Stem cell technology
  • Tissue engineering

Practical Works

List of Experiments

  • Isolation of bacterial plasmid DNA and its detection by gel electrophoresis

  • Restriction digestion of plasmid DNA and its analysis by gel electrophoresis

  • Bacterial transformation using any plasmid

  • Data retrieval and data base search using internet site NCBI

  • Download a DNA and protein sequence from internet, analyse it and comment on it

  • Cell viability assay

  • Determination of blood groups

  • Estimation of DNA

  • Ion-exchange chromatography for proteins

  • Reading of DNA sequencing gel to arrive at the sequence

  • Estimation of blood glucose by enzymatic method (GOD/POD)

  • Project work

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