Navigating your dashboard in Canva

Canva is a free graphic designing tool that allows you to create professional designs without any prior skills.

Before you dive in and start designing with Canva, you should know about the dashboard of your Canva account so that you can use the features.

This is how your account’s dashboard on Canva will look like.

Here a few things you can do through your account’s dashboard.

  • Creating a design

You can go to the design tab through various ways from your dashboard.

  • You can click on the ‘create a design’ option present in the top-right corner.

  • You can scroll down and select the suitable template to start creating your graphics.

  • You can click on the quote or welcome area on your homepage. It will redirect you to the design tab with a template that has a quote.

  • You can select different options available below the quote area.

  • All your designs

You can access the designs you previously created on Canva through this option on the left−hand side of your dashboard. You can download, use, edit, or delete your previous designs from here.

Here is how the ‘all your designs’ tab looks like.

  • Brand Kit

Brand kit as an option available only in the premium plan of Canva. It is a useful feature especially if you wish to build your brand or if you work with the promotion of a company.

The brand kit allows you to keep a chosen set of brand logos, color palettes and fonts. You also have the option to upload your fonts. You can access your brand kit in any design you wish from the different tabs on the left-hand side of the page.

  • Content Planner

Through the content planner, you can choose or create your designs beforehand for the specified date.

This feature is useful to maintain an orderly schedule.

  • Your folders

You can access your folders through your dashboard where you can arrange your designs.

In the freemium plan, you have only 2 folders to arrange the designs you create. With the Pro version, you can arrange your designs and images in unlimited folders.

  • Trash

The designs that you delete are moved to trash. They are permanently deleted after 30 days or after you delete them from the trash.

  • Search toolbar

The search toolbar is present on the top right area of the homepage of Canva. You can search for anything you need related to designing.

  • Recent designs

You can access your recent designs in two ways.

  • You can click on the recent designs option on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

  • You can access them through the Recent Designs area by scrolling through your dashboard.